Engine roundup: Briggs & Stratton enhances, expands line of commercial series V-Twin engines

Photo: Briggs & StrattonPhoto: Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton recently upgraded and expanded its line of commercial series V-Twin engines, which now includes nine models ranging from 16 to 27 gross horsepower.

“This line of engines has always been a great value and a bridge for those wanting to step up to commercial engines,” said Jim Cross, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “With the redesign, the line offers many premium features and components while maintaining a price point that makes it ideal for light-duty commercial applications. It’s a versatile workhorse and our confidence in the reliability of this engine is evident in the new three-year commercial limited warranty.”

The company says its Integrated Cyclonic System offers unmatched air handling to help the commercial series stand up to demanding, high-debris applications. Featuring a rotating debris-chopping screen, Briggs & Stratton says it cuts debris into smaller pieces while a fan forces the debris particles down and away from the engine.

A series of baffles and an ejector chute, the company says, also prevents dirt and large debris from reaching the air cleaner housing, which ejects fine debris and dust through a duckbill-shaped valve.

Briggs & Stratton says the engine’s cyclonic air cleaner filter lasts for 250 hours of operation and also requires no tools to replace. The company adds that an optional high-flow static cover improves airflow in high-debris applications.

Other features include a commercial-grade liquid sump gasket, which the company says aids in structural integrity and is the same gasket engineered for the Vanguard 810 V-Twin, and a third dowel pin to ensure a seal at the sump joint.

Additionally, Briggs & Stratton says they expanded the horsepower range to include 16-, 18- and 20-gross-horsepower models with optional rewind start.

The company says their commercial series lineup now includes nine models with displacements of 656cc, 724cc, or 810cc. Through the Propane Power Systems, the 656cc and 724cc engines are available for propane conversion.

Kawasaki introduces FT730V-EFI engine

Kawasaki Motors Corps., U.S.A.’s Engines Division recently introduced an all-new engine and accompanying air filtration system. The company says that the FT730V-EFI is the first engine from Kawasaki to employ Vortical Air Filtration (VAF), which is an air intake methodology that Kawasaki says significantly combats many of the ongoing issues faced by lawn care professionals as well as homeowners.

Photo: KawasakiPhoto: Kawasaki

Kawasaki says that VAF also requires less maintenance as the pre-filter and filter can run for up to 50 hours before it requires cleaning. The VAF technology, according to Kawasaki, incorporates air intake methodology that is engineered to focus on getting clean air into the engine without also introducing external debris.

Also employing an integrated e-governor (eGov), Kawasaki says this feature for the FT730V-EFI adjusts engine power-to-load for maximum cutting power at higher speeds, cleaner mowing when units are used in heavy turf, as well as minimizing the need for re-cuts.

Kawasaki says its single, sealed ECU is sufficiently protected to avoid exposure to vibration, dirt and weather. According to the company, the open loop design, which Kawasaki says avoids the need for an oxygen sensor, maintains low engine temperatures, helps reduce oil consumption and contributes to a longer overall engine life.

Kohler updates Command PRO 999cc engine

Kohler Engines has integrated an Electronic Throttle Body into its Command PRO EFI 999cc engine, which the company says electronically controls intake airflow to optimize power and load response.

Photo: Kohler EnginesPhoto: Kohler Engines

Combined with Kohler’s Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system, the company says that the updated Command PRO EFI 999cc will deliver a range of benefits such as excellent fuel economy, quick and easy starting, enhanced response in challenging mowing conditions and improved durability.

“I wish everyone who spends time on a mower could try this engine. You can really feel the difference in tall, wet grass,” said Eric Raquet, product manager for Kohler Engines. “Our new Electronic Throttle Body brings some extra muscle to the table, and takes the Command PRO EFI 999cc to powerful heights of horsepower, torque and reliability.”

This engine is available in models between 35 and 38 horsepower. Kohler says the performance and durability features are numerous and include large-capacity filters, hydraulic valve lifters, high-performance spark plugs and a fully integrated oil cooler.

The new KOHLER Command PRO EFI 999cc with Electronic Throttle Body is another rock-solid option within our EFI lineup, which continues to be the most extensive in the industry,” Raquet added.

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