Product roundup: Caterpillar introduces industrial brushcutter, universal coupler

Photo: CaterpillarPhoto: Caterpillar

Caterpillar has expanded its range of brushcutters with the new Industrial Brushcutter, which can be used with skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, Cat Multi Terrain loaders and compact wheel loaders.

The Industrial Brushcutter has a 72-inch cutting width and can handle materials up to 8 inches in diameter. It is compatible with various auxiliary configurations including standard-flow, XPS high-flow and XHP high-flow.

The attachment is ideal for clearing large quantities of brush and dense vegetation for jobs like land clearing, right-of-way maintenance and site prep.

“For a landscaper who needs more work, this would be a perfect fit for him,” said Bob Shoop, a product demonstrator for Caterpillar.

The brushcutter’s frame and push-bar are designed to direct vegetation toward the four hardened and reversible blades that can reduce the material volume drastically. The attachment’s 900-pound blade carrier gives blades the inertia needed for slicing through thick brush.

Caterpillar says that to extend the service life of the cutter’s drive mechanism, it constructed it to be able to sustain operation in high ambient temperatures. An anti-cavitation valve and an accumulator protect the motor by maintaining consistent fluid flow, even during shutdown.

The company also has a new Mini Hydraulic Excavator Universal Coupler that helps increase machine versatility. It either pins to the stick or can be picked up with the dual lock coupler allowing skid steer attachments to be interchanged on the excavator.

Manual handles lock the tools in place. The coupler weighs 286 pounds, providing the strength and lifting capacity needed.

Attachments that can be used include pallet forks and multi- and general-purpose buckets. The coupler can be used with 4-ton, 5-ton and 8-ton mini excavators.

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John Deere adds to Worksite Pro attachments with upgraded augers

John Deere has upgraded its planetary auger models to better meet customer needs and application uses.

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

The new PA15B and PA30B are designed to have a longer product life and are compatible with the company’s skid steers, compact track loaders, compact excavators, compact four-wheel-drive loaders, along with competitors’ models.

The augers have new motor and planetary designs to improve the attachment lifespan. The motor and planetary gearbox are closer to the motor to reduce motor stress and an updated input shaft and shaft seal increase durability.

The B-Series augers also so have a higher-operating pressure for raw digging power. The max torque rating for the PA30B has been increased from 4,166 feet-pounds to 4,500 feet-pounds.

Both augers retain the reverse rotation feature of previous models, which allows for quick back-out and shedding dirt in wet conditions.

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Terex debuts enhanced auger drills during ICUEE 2017

During the International Construction & Utility and Equipment Expo (ICUEE) Terex Utilities showed off its new and improved A330 and A650 auger drills.

Many of the auger drills’ features are automated, including auto brake release, inner-Kelly retract stop, inner-Kelly slack stop, home position, return to center and dig depth. The return to center option allows the user to return the auger to the drill position previously used.

The A650 has a 72 inch diameter. Photo: TerexThe A650 has a 72 inch diameter.
Photo: Terex

“This keeps the hole at the proper diameter and the proper vertical position throughout the dig, regardless of how many times the operator needs to clean the dirt from the auger tool,” said Gary Rice, Terex South regional sales manager.

Other enhancements are the transition to a hydrostatic drive transmission and remote diagnostics. Customers can order their drill to come with a command post and joystick controls allowing them to use the tool remotely with radio controls.

“The A330 and A650 also feature radio remote control – a first in auger drill operation,” said Joe Caywood, director of marketing.

Maintenance has also been improved as almost 40 percent of the hydraulic fittings and hoses have been eliminated with the new control system.

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