Product roundup: InstantHedge now an option for instant gratification

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Updated Feb 27, 2018
Photo: InstantHedgePhoto: InstantHedge

The creators of InstantHedge now say that this product will give designers, landscapers and contractors an instant option when it comes to adding in privacy, aesthetics and screening to an area.

“Marrying custom, patented technology with decades of horticultural experience, we have created beautiful, high-quality hedges for any landscape,” says owner Brent Markus. “Rather than waiting years for a traditional planting to grow together to form a screen, our InstantHedge provides immediate gratification as a ready-made solution for privacy and design.”

The company says these are literally instant hedges, and each is an evergreen or deciduous hedge sold in panels of four trees. The company adds that these panels have been pruned multiple times each year using GPS tracking equipment to provide density.

The company says that revolutionary technology ensures precision, accuracy and consistency; the hedges, according to the company, look as if they’ve been growing in place for years.

InstantHedges will arrive on site in biodegradable cardboard boxes that are ready to plant, and the company says they are easy to maneuver with loading equipment. The results are instant hedges that come in 3-4’ and 5-6’ heights.

“We don’t ship plants, we ship plantscapes,” Markus said. “It’s a totally new product for the U.S. market because of the unit size and scale of production, and no one can resist instant. With 400,000 trees in production, we are only starting to discover the applications made possible by this innovation.”

With annual production exceeding 100,000 trees, the company says InstantHedge is ready to supply projects both big and small. InstantHedge offers 13 varieties, covers hardiness zones 2-9, heights of 3-6 feet and full to partial sunlight requirements.

Hedges currently ship in biodegradable cardboard boxes with a plastic fabric pot version under development, and the company says they are also releasing an 18″ boxwood hedge in fall 2018.


  • Buxus x. ‘Green Mountain’ – Green Mountain Boxwood
  • Prunus laurocerasus – English or Cherry Laurel
  • Prunus lusitanica – Portuguese Cherry Laurel
  • Taxus x. media ‘Hicksii’ – Yew
  • Prunus laurocerasus ‘Schipkaensis’ – Schipka Cherry Laurel
  • Thuja occidentalis – American Arborvitae
  • Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ – Emerald Green Arborvitae
  • Thuja plicata ‘Virescens’ – Western Red Cedar
  • Thuja x. ‘Green Giant’ – Green Giant Arborvitae


  • Fagus sylvatica – European Beech
  • Acer ginnala ‘Flame’ – Flame Amur Maple
  • Cornus mas – Cornelian Cherry
  • Acer campestre – Hedge Maple

Hydro-Rain unveils the B-hyve Pro Dashboard 

Hydro-Rain recently launched the B-hyve Pro Dashboard, an online tool that gives customers control of their B-hyve Pro smart times in one location.

hydro rain logoThe company says the dashboard enhances the ability of irrigation professionals to manage the outdoor watering process and simplify irrigation system management.

Through the dashboard, the company says contractors can easily manage and view the status of all B-hyve Pro Smart Wi-Fi sprinklers under their watch. The company says B-hyve products provide programmable water schedules, Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart WeatherSense technology that adjusts watering needs based on local site conditions and local weather data.

The company adds that B-hyve controllers are EPA WaterSense and SWAT certified and are rebate eligible in many markets throughout the United States.

“The B-hyve Pro Dashboard takes smart-timer technology to the next level,” said Kim Hayes, vice president of Hydro-Rain. “Whether it’s a contractor managing dozens of timers or a property manager with thousands of irrigation controllers under their care, the dashboard arranges everything into a unified view that makes outdoor water use simple and easy to manage. We’re excited for our customers to benefit from a better smart-watering experience.”

Key B-hyve Pro Dashboard features include:

  • Scalable management – Users can manage any quantity of timers, whether they have tens, hundreds or thousands of units under their stewardship. Users can also easily check timer status and see how many timers are online or offline, running a grow-in program, in rain delay and more.
  • CRM tools – Users can store contract details for each end user (e.g., length of contract, payment, visit frequency) and automatically build visit schedules based on this information. They can keep visit logs for when the contractor visited and what they did while they were there. Users can also email customers directly from the dashboard based various criteria (e.g., odd house numbers, zip code).
  • Multi-user support – Users can set different permission levels to give contractors and property managers access to specific timers. These contractors and property managers can then group and label the timers based on their preferences (e.g., winterized, spring startup).
  • One-click control – Users can control all of their timers with the click of a button, making it easy to turn them off for the winter or on in the spring.
  • Day planning – Users can map their day by selecting a customized group of timers (e.g., all timers, timers sorted by odd house numbers or zip code) and then dragging and dropping these timers into a visit list. Users can then send directions to their phone to navigate their route.

DeWalt unveils two mowers

DeWalt recently unveiled the 2x20V MAX Brushless Mower (DCMW220) and 40V MAX Brushless Mower (DCMW290).

DeWalt says the 2x20V MAX Brushless Mower is optimized for use with DeWalt construction battery platforms. The company says the two 20V MAX 5.0Ah Batteries (DCB205) work simultaneously to deliver power and flexibility to be used with other tools in the DeWalt 20V MAX system.

DeWalt says the 40V MAX Brushless Mower is optimized for use in landscaping applications, and it is powered by one DeWalt 40V MAX 6.0Ah battery (DCB406).

Photo: DeWaltPhoto: DeWalt

Both mowers feature high-efficiency brushless motors to deliver consistent cutting performance, according to DeWalt. Both offer a 20” metal deck, a folding handle and front deck and rear deck carrying handles. The company adds that they can also bag, mulch and discharge grass clippings.

The 2x20V MAX mower also features an on-deck LED light board which signals state-of-charge for each pack and indicates when a recharge is needed.

The 2x20V MAX Brushless Mower will come kitted with two DeWalt 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Batteries (DCB205) and will be available for $399 MSRP (DCMW220P2). The 40V MAX Brushless Mower will come kitted with one DeWalt 40V MAX*6.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (DCB406) and will be available for $399 MSRP (DCMW290H1), as well as bare (battery and charger sold separately) for $299 MSRP (DCMW290B).

These mowers come with the standard DeWalt 3-year limited warranty, 90-day money back guarantee and one-year free service.

LawnStarter rolls out new interface for iOS and Android app

LawnStarter released a newly designed interface for the LawnStarter for Providers app, and the update includes a complete visual redesign that the company says is easier and faster, with improved self-help features and a smart service area feature to provide more efficient opportunities for lawn care providers.

Photo: LawnStarterPhoto: LawnStarter

The company says the LawnStarter for Providers app allows lawn care providers to claim jobs, coordinate crews and manage their schedules. The app also works in conjunction with LawnStarter’s web platform, which allows lawn care companies to claim extra clients on their already existing routes.

The company says the update simplifies the overall provider experience by creating a design that is faster and easier to use. The redesign now matches the LawnStarter brand guidelines, uses native components, common mobile workflows and is more handheld friendly to help speed up processes, according to the company.

“It’s a really big step forward for usability and allows us, as a company, to roll new things out to our providers more rapidly,” said Jake Andersson, head of product at LawnStarter. “We care about the experience providers have working with us and believe this will help deepen our relationship with them.”

Additionally, the update includes new self-help features and a smart service area feature to create more efficient opportunities. The company says the self-help features, like the quick list of common issues, make it easier for providers to report issues at the tips of their fingers without having to contact LawnStarter’s support team.

The company says that adding a smart service area feature creates a larger window of job opportunities for providers by matching them with the best service area based on their location and demand.

Since the release of the update, LawnStarter says operations and support teams have received positive feedback from providers.

The company says the app uses background geolocation tracking to provide location data that can be interacted with on LawnStarter’s web software. With this software, the company says providers can track and manage their fleet of individual lawn care crews in real time to see the current status of job completions for a given day.

NV Earth products introduce ISO hydraulics

Dynamics Green Products, a Southern California-based company, is preparing to launch the newest addition to its NV Earth line of high-performance, bio-based outdoor power equipment lubricants. The company says these new fluids can completely replace conventional petroleum in over 200 million pieces of equipment in North America.

Photo: NV EarthPhoto: NV Earth

“The human population consumes almost 4 billion gallons of crude per day; it’s absolutely staggering when you think about it,” said Dynamic Green Products founder Scott Porter. “Petroleum contaminants are spread into the air, water and food supplies every second of every day, which negatively impacts the health of all human beings and our planet’s ecosystem. We can do better, but it all starts with you, with me, with us making better choices.”

Made from renewable content that’s biodegradable, the company says NV Earth ISO Hydraulic fluid is compatible with mineral oil and is able to outperform conventional lubricants. The company says it has surpassed the most stringent OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards, vane pump tests, dielectric safety requirements and the ASTM D943 turbine oil test for superior oxidation stability in the presence of water.

For those working for golf courses, municipalities, tree services, utility companies, forestry services, mining and construction companies, Dynamics Green Products says this lubricant is the responsible choice.

NV EARTH outdoor power equipment lubricants now include:

  • ISO 32/46/68 Hydraulic bio-based oil: The company says this is a full synthetic, biodegradable and oxidatively stable with outstanding shear prevention with long interval drains. To fit all geographic applications, the company says it has a high VI, over 240C flash point and low pour point of -45C, and it complies with the EPA’s VGP (vessel general permit) and exceeds corrosion, foam, emulsion and elastomer compatibility requirements of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
  • Bar and chain bio-based oil: The company says this is certified as nontoxic and is biodegradable, water-safe and produces no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) at high temperatures. It’s a proprietary blend of American-grown seed oils and performance additives that the company says deliver incredible lubricity, superior tack and lower bar temps.
  • 2-Cycle Engine bio-based oil: The company says this reduces emissions and carbon buildup and is a high-performance synthetic formulation using renewable content. The company adds that it will prevent sludge, abate smell and smoke and maximize throttle response.
  • 4-Cycle 10W-30 and 10W-40 bio-based oil: The company says this oil is made for larger equipment and is a full synthetic engine oil that extends drain intervals beyond OEM recommendations. According to the company, advanced metal protection is delivered through proprietary CLEAN BASE technology and high-temperature stability with enhanced anti-wear additives.

“It’s the biggest no-brainer option that every state and city should implement considering the immediate impact on safety and environment,” Porter said. “There’s no change in operating procedure, no changes to equipment and there’s no training required. Simply stop buying petroleum and use bio-based, then recycle and repeat! Why not?”

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