Product roundup: Willow Creek enhances its paving stones

Photo: Willow Creek Paving StonesPhoto: Willow Creek Paving Stones

Willow Creek Paving Stones (WCPS) has developed a new proprietary process to enhance its Select Series.

The Minnesota-based paver manufacturer says the Willow Creek Infusion technology provides vibrant color, enhanced color longevity, greater durability and additional stain-resistant properties to concrete pavers. It also minimizes absorption rates.

Photo: Willow Creek Paving StonesPhoto: Willow Creek Paving Stones

“Willow Creek’s new process has gone through rigorous testing in our facility,” said Burt Plett, WCPS product manager. “This includes outdoor testing to gauge all-season durability and timed exposures to chemicals as well as other testing and quality control measures.”

The Select Series of pavers that utilizes the new technology includes Slatestone, Slatestone Grande, Dekrastone and Eurostone.

WPCS’s products come with a limited lifetime warranty in residential applications and the company says its products are ideally suited to the freeze-thaw cycles of the Midwest.

For more on the Infusion technology, click here.

Ewing opens Hardscape Supply locations in Arizona and Colorado

Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply is continuing to expand its product offerings to customers and has now opened its first Ewing Hardscape Supply locations in Arizona and Colorado.

“Our new Ewing Hardscape Supply locations showcase the strength of Ewing as a green industry leader,” said Douglas W. York, Ewing’s president and CEO. “This dedicated hardscape division was a natural next step for us. It has diversified our business portfolio, allowing us to expand vertically and engage with a new customer segment.”

This new sector is intended to give both contractors and homeowners greater access to bulk materials such as flagstone, decorative rock, sand, pavers, fire pits and more.

There are currently four Ewing Hardscape Supply locations with one in Phoenix, Arizona, and the other three in Brighton, Littleton and Elizabeth, Colorado.

Dave Sawyers, Ewing Hardscape Supply general manager will lead the Arizona and Colorado locations with more than 30 years of experience in the hardscape and landscape industry.

“We’re ready to serve our customers,” Sawyers said. “From homeowners to small and large contractors, we can help with any questions and also supply the products they need to complete their jobs. Ewing Hardscape Supply will offer customers a wide selection of quality products at a competitive price with excellent service.”

Porous Pave installed at LOT42’s global flex campus

An old industrial building constructed in 1955 has been transformed into LOT42’s 17-acre global flex campus and part of the renovations included the installation of permeable paving.

Photo: Porous PavePhoto: Porous Pave

LOT42 is dedicated to arts, technology, manufacturing, athletics and community events. It is located in Kitchener, Ontario. The City of Kitchener’s storm water control regulations led the project to include elements such as a 1,000-square-foot French drain and 12,400-square feet of permeable pavement.

Porous Pave XL was selected and installed by Zehr Interlock & More. They poured it in place at a depth of two inches, on a three- to five-inch base of compacted aggregate.

“As a pour-in material, it has proven to be much easier and much faster to install than pavers,” Kris Zehr said. “It also gave us the flexibility to create a custom green-tan color mix, which we alternated with the standard green color.”

Porous Pave XL is made from 50 percent recycled rubber chips and 50 percent kiln-dried aggregate that is mixed on site with a liquid binder.

“Porous Pave was a good choice for permeable paving,” said Patrick Doyle, managing partner with LOT42. “It is not only permeable; its recycled rubber content makes it a green material. It was more cost-effective for us than concrete permeable pavers or porous concrete because the installation required much less extensive excavation and base preparation.”

Due to Porous Pave’s permeable nature, it can infiltrate 5,800 gallons of storm water per hour per square down into the underlying aggregate base.

“We like the appearance, and are impressed with the results,” Doyle said. “There is no more water ponding in front of the entrance, and it eliminated water infiltration into the building. We are planning to add more permeable pavement in the courtyard area with inlaid designs created by Porous Pave Ontario.”

Little Beaver adds D-Series augers for extending drilling

Those needing to drill deeper than 15 feet on a jobsite can now do so with the Little Beaver D-Series augers.

The manufacturer of earth drills and miniature trenchers says that this series comes with a secure drive pin connection for deeper drilling. The augers range from four to 18 inches in diameter.

Photo: Little BeaverPhoto: Little Beaver

“There was a need for a heavy-duty auger that not only drilled farther than our standard snap-on augers but also featured a stronger connection point to handle deeper drilling,” said Mike Hale, Little Beaver sales manager. “We designed our D-Series augers with the capability to drill down to 100 feet with auger extensions. The augers, although sturdy, are only half the weight of competitive brand augers of the same size. This significant weight reduction makes transportation, on and off the jobsite, easier for the operator.”

The D-Series augers are offered in 36-, 48- and 60-inch lengths with standard tips and blades, carbide blades or heavy-duty tips. They can be easily swapped out depending on the soil type.

The 26-inch-wide rig fits through gates that are typically inaccessible to truck mounted units and the hydraulic power source can reach 690 foot-pounds of drilling torque.

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