Product roundup: Michelin Tweel to supply Mean Green electric mower line

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Updated Aug 31, 2018
Photo: Mean Green MowersPhoto: Mean Green Mowers

Michelin says its X Tweel line is now available on select Mean Green mowers.

Michelin says the Mean Green Stalker stand-on ZTR model will be equipped with Michelin X Tweel Turf 18-inch drive wheels, and the CXR-60 ride-on ZTR will be fitted with Michelin X Tweel Turf 24-inch drive wheels.

“In 2008, we decided there was a better way to build a zero-turn mower,” said Joe Conrad, president of Mean Green Mowers. “We designed an electric mower that is much quieter, produces zero emissions, has minimal routine maintenance and demonstrates fuel savings. Our collaboration with Michelin continues our environmental journey.”

Additionally, the company says the 24-inch X Tweel Turf is also available as a replacement fitment for Mean Green 52-inch and 60-inch ride-on mowers, replacing a standard 24x12x12 tire. The company adds that the 13-inch caster airless radial tires are available for the front fitment.

“In working with the Mean Green team, we were able to assist them in furthering their innovation and sustainability of commercial electric mowers,” said Olivier Brauen, vice president of Michelin Tweel Technologies.

Michelin says the X Tweel Turf airless radial tire has a consistent hub height, which the company says helps ensure the mower deck produces an even cut. The company says the full-width poly-resin spokes provide excellent lateral stability for sidehill performance, while the design of the spokes helps dampen the ride.

John Deere upgrades large frame G-Series

John Deere says it has improved its G-Series large-frame skid steers and compact track loaders with the addition of the EH Boom Performance Package.

This feature, the company says, is available as a factory-installed option on the 330G and 332G skid steers and the 331G and 333G compact track loaders.

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

“We designed our G-Series machines with customer response in mind, and we’re committed to the continuous use of this invaluable feedback,” said Gregg Zupancic, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “Our EH Boom Performance Package automates repetitive tasks and improves job site efficiencies and safety. With this new technology, operators can feel more confident and productive than ever before.”

John Deere says the EH Boom Performance Package offers several features to help trim cycle times, speed production and improve job site awareness by automating repetitive functions.

The company says the electronic self-level (ESL) feature automatically keeps the bucket, pallet fork or attachment level so the operator doesn’t need to make adjustments when raising or lowering the boom to prevent material spillage.

John Deere says the EH Boom Performance Package also includes updated joysticks with built-in detent positions to activate the operator programmable boom and bucket functions. The company adds that the return to dig (RTD) feature allows the operator to automatically reset the bucket or attachment into a ready-to-work position.

The return to carry (RTC) feature, John Deere says, allows the operator to automatically reset the boom and bucket into an operator-designated ready-to-carry position for quick transportation of materials. The company says the boom height kick out (BHKO) feature allows operators to set the boom height based on a low ceiling in an indoor application or the height above a truck sidewall or a hopper.

Cub Cadet announces GIE+EXPO products

Cub Cadet says its PRO Z 972 SD is built for maximum performance and minimal downtime. The company says it delivers unmatched confidence on hillsides and allows operators to mow a straight line, execute zero-degree turns and operate on a hillside up to a 25-degree slope.

Photo: Cub CadetPhoto: Cub Cadet

With oversized dual rear wheels, the company says they provide a higher level of stability and precision for the perfect stripe, and its drive system with four-wheel steering provides ultimate control. The machine also features a triple-7-gauge steel cutting deck and a 7-gauge deck shell with 7-gauge top and bottom reinforcements.

Cub Cadet is also showing its PRO HW mower, which the company says features innovative steering technology. The company adds that optimal weight distribution and larger tires maximize stability on slopes and hillsides, while hand-lever steering control uses less force to steer the mower.

With straight-line adjustable tracking, Cub Cadet says the mower can do on-the-go straight-line adjustments with the turn of a knob. The company says that the 10-gauge steel deck shell with 7-gauge top and 7-gauge bottom reinforcements ensure that this cutting deck can take a beating, while maintenance-free sealed spindles maximize performance and reduce downtime.

Exmark unveils new stand-on riding mower

Exmark says it will launch a new commercial stand-on riding mower at GIE+EXPO 2018.

Photo: ExmarkPhoto: Exmark

The company says the new machine delivers the commercial-grade performance, durability, ergonomics and ease of service landscape professionals need to maximize productivity and profitability.

Exmark says the innovative, low center of gravity design optimizes weight distribution for increased stability and traction. Exmark’s UltraCut cutting decks, the company says, are available in a wide range of cut widths, including a compact 32-inch model designed to fit through gates as narrow as 36 inches.

At their booth No. 7080 this year, Exmark says it’s giving away one of the new models on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 4 p.m. The company will accept entries in the booth Wednesday from 3-7 p.m. and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Participants must be present to win.

Spider returning to GIE+EXPO

The Czech manufacturer of Spider remote-controlled all-terrain mowers is returning to the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky, at booth No. 7188.

Photo: SpiderPhoto: Spider

The company says these compact all-terrain mowers have powerful gas engines, a low center of gravity, are highly maneuverable and are productive. Being remote-controlled, the company says the machines negate any health and safety issues associated with operators mowing steep banks.

With a cutting width of 32 inches, the company says the Spider ILD01 has an adjustable cutting height ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches and weighs 613 pounds.

The company says the Spider ILD02 is more productive with a cutting width of 48.5 inches, adjustable cutting height ranging from 2.8 inches to 5.5 inches and weighs 809 pounds.

Spider says the unique feature of these machines is that they are the only mowers that can work on slopes up to 55 degrees, and in the case of the Spider ILD02 and Spider 2SGS to an incredible 60 degrees.

The final machine at the booth, Spider says, is the Spider 3RIDER. The company says a 24.9 horsepower Kubota diesel engine powers a unique out-front deck with the operator sitting on the mower like any standard machine. Spider says that when the terrain exceeds 15 degrees, the operator climbs off the machine and continues to control it remotely from a safe position away from the machine.

Ergodyne announces expansion of N-Ferno work gear line

Ergodyne recently announced an expansion of its N-Ferno line of Tenacious Work Gear. The additions include:


6812 Ribbed Knit Beanie

  • Comfortable, stretchable ribbed knit hat
  • Popular style for workday and weekend
  • Three color options: black, HV lime, HV orange

6838 Solar-Activated Balaclava

  • Solar-activated tech uses the sun’s rays to amplify warming
  • Lightweight design with dual-layer facemask for multiple climates

6819BT Be Tenacious Beanie

  • Snug fit
  • Soft, moisture-wicking CoolMax liner
  • Comes in two colors, gray and charcoal gray

6802Z Zippered Trapper

  • Patent-pending design zips open to fit 8945 Universal Bump Cap Insert
  • Classic trapper warmth and weather resistance

6802 Trapper, Extended Sizes

  • Now available in XS size

“The extremes of last winter really pushed work crews, and their gear, to the limit,” said Alsie Nelson, senior product manager, Ergodyne. “These new solutions have been largely driven by worker feedback and demand.”

The company says the 6838 Solar-Activated Balaclava gives workers a variety of options for wear to adapt to changing forecasts and personal preference. Ergodyne says the Heaterex technology uses solar rays to create an exothermic warming reaction, amplifying the warming effect of the material up to 15°F (10°C). The result, the company says, is more warmth and less bulk.

“Being productive through the winter months isn’t about toughing it out,” said Tom Votel, president and CEO, Ergodyne. “It’s about planning ahead, taking regular breaks to get warm and layering up in the right gear. Preparation is key, and our mission is making sure workers have what they need to be ready for whatever this winter has in store.”

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