Five lawn care YouTube channels to keep an eye on in 2019

Updated Feb 1, 2019

LawnIt’s hard to believe it is already 2019 and as the growing season rolls on in, it is important to get ahead of the competition.

One way to do that is by learning from other lawn care professionals on YouTube.

Whether you are looking for the best lawn mowing practices or to learn about the financial side of lawn care, one thing is for sure, there is always something new to learn. And one of my favorite ways to learn about lawn care is by watching other lawn maintenance professionals in action.

In my experience, these five YouTube channels go above and beyond to offer their viewers unique content. Whether you are looking for the best zero-turn mower in 2019, some financial advice or just want to connect with other lawn care experts, these channels each offer something unique to the lawn care community.

Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

First on the list is Brian’s Lawn Maintenance. Brian’s Lawn Maintenance videos cover a wide range of lawn care topics from side by side lawn mower and leaf blower tests, to running the financial side of a lawn care business, Brian’s videos are well-made, fun and entertaining. One of the most useful videos I have found is “Doing Quotes With Keith Kalfas!” As someone who has wasted a lot of time doing work that I should have avoided to begin with, I find this video to be crucial for anyone that is new to the process of quoting new jobs.

Grass Daddy

The second channel on this list is Grass Daddy. Grass Daddy’s videos are also well-made and always informative. His videos cover a range of topics from dethatching a lawn to winterizing your sprinkler system. Whether you have been mowing lawns for one year or you are a 20-year veteran, Grass Daddy’s videos have something to offer. His video “Double Single Stripes and Diamond Stripes,” covers a few unique types of stripes you can use to up your game and impress your lawn care clients.

The Lawn Care Nut

Third on the list is The Lawn Care Nut, perhaps one of the most influential YouTuber’s in the lawn care niche. With over 220k subscribers, you can bet that he has some cutting-edge content. From tours of the Milorganite plant to the best lawn care practices, LCN has a little bit of everything. This one is great for those that may be concerned about Roundup exposure, in this video he covers an effective glyphosate based alternative.

Weed Whacker Lawn Care

Next up is Weed Whacker Lawn Care. Curtis is the owner and operator of Weed Whacker Lawn Care. His videos go through his experiences and daily adventures in lawn care. Not only does he show and talk about what it is that he does, he does it in an inviting and friendly way. In fact, one of my favorite videos of his is “My lawn care adventure stories.” In this video, he tells some of his most adventurous lawn care stories, including one where he accidentally finds himself in the middle of a SWAT team arrest.

Connor Ward’s YouTube Channel

The final YouTube channel on the list is Connor Ward’s channel. Though this video is the last one on the list, it is actually my personal all-time favorite. Connor’s videos are fun, and he has a unique approach to lawn care I haven’t seen anywhere else. Connor is absolutely obsessed with making his lawn perfect, and through dedication and fine tuning, he certainly has one of the sharpest lawns on the internet. One of the most unique things about his lawn care techniques is that he doesn’t use the traditional American lawn mower. Instead, he primarily cuts his lawn with a gas powered “reel mower,” which was something I had not seen until I found his channel. You can see him use his reel mower and more in his most recent video.

As the 2019 growing season rolls in, I wish you all success and hope that these channels bring something useful into your lawn care business or your personal life.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was written by Douglas Dedrick. Dedrick is a landscaper with over a decade of landscaping experience. He now shares that experience by writing, as well as producing videos on the topics of lawn care, landscaping and organic soil nutrition. You can follow him on Twitter @LawnOrganic.

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