What’s in a name? How your landscape company’s name can lower your value

Updated Feb 10, 2023
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When you are trying to come up with an effective name for your landscaping business, you may find that some people don’t believe that business names matter that much in the long run.

These people believe that names lack any tangible value and they do not think there is any way certain names can benefit your brand. However, research has actually proven the opposite. In fact, easy, catchy names outperform boring and lackluster names on the stock market by up to 33 percent.

Want to know what you should avoid when coming up with your landscaping brand name? Check out the tips below.

Set a solid brand foundation

In today’s competitive market, your first impressions always need to be great because they can make or break your business. Very often you will find that your name will be the first thing that your potential clients or customers will find out about your landscaping brand.

A solid name will encapsulate who your business is and who you want to be. When creating a brand for your business this encompasses everything from your name, logo, mission, and beliefs.

Capture your audience’s attention

It’s very likely that your audience is already overwhelmed by the number of landscape business options available in today’s modern market. You may have amazing services and unique offerings, if you lack a great name that interests your audience, you may lose customers to your competition just because you sound too generic.

If your name does not capture their attention right away, your potential customers will move on without checking out the amazing services your landscaping company offers. Ultimately, this will cause you to lose out on many new potential revenue sources.

Avoid driving audiences away

Although it is very important for your name to interest and engages your audience, you have to be sure it does not accidentally drive them away. Difficult, boring, or offensive names may accidentally alienate and drive away a large part of your customer base. It’s always a good idea to avoid selecting a company name that is awkward or rude as it will very likely send the wrong message to your customers.

Audience testing is a quick and easy way to make sure that your landscaping business name will perform well with your target market. Remember a forgettable name equals a forgettable brand.

A great example of a name that when from blah to wow starts when Jeff Bezos launched the online book retailer named Cadabra, Earth’s largest bookstore. The name was supposed to be a shorter version of the magic word “abracadabra,” but Bezos quickly found out that the name was not doing well with is audience.

It was difficult for many people to pronounce and spell. In addition, many people simply did not know that the name was a reference to magic. In addition, some people would accidentally hear “cadaver” instead of the true name, Cadabra. After coming up with new name ideas with his wife, Bezos renamed his company name to Amazon. After the name was changed, Bezos found that his company took off.

Prevent losing referrals

A great landscaping business name not only has the ability to captivate and draw in an audience, it can also help you get more referrals and make growing your brand even easier.

Referrals are the heart of business and referrals work best through brand names. Spending your time, energy, and resources on coming up the best possible name for your landscaping business will always be worth it in the end. If customers can’t remember your company name, or if it’s too similar to a competitor’s you could end up missing out on referrals and future profits.

So, when coming up with your company name, make sure you choose a name that will be easy to spread and share.

Each and every minute aspect of your business adds up in the end, and if your name helps your landscaping business get just one extra site visit or a couple more referrals from loyal customers why would you not want to make sure you pick a good one?

When you are coming up with a business name, keep it in mind that a name is way more than just a simple word. The name of your business is what lays the foundation for your brand, and it can be a helpful tool in creating success.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Grant Polachek. Polachek is the director of marketing at Squadhelp.com, a company naming and branding platform, with nearly 20,000 customers from the smallest startups across the globe to the largest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation.

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