The main ingredients of an effective digital marketing strategy

Updated Feb 16, 2024
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Marketing plays an important role in any business. Since the main objective is to make money, marketing products and services can bring them closer to this goal. When a business has a good marketing strategy, it can build strong brand awareness, grow the customer base, and increase sales.

In the modern age, marketing has evolved into leveraging the latest technology to remain effective. Although traditional advertising still has its old grandeur, digital marketing is slowly becoming a necessity in an era defined by the internet.

Shopping, looking for information, communication, and entertainment—all can now be done with a simple click or tap. It is only expected that landscaping businesses should keep up with the changing times.

The top priority when it comes to digital marketing is developing a good strategy. Where does one start? The simple answer lies in research and careful examination of the current digital landscape.

Perhaps you could consult infographic below by Serpwatch which will help you out with the fast-evolving trends and latest statistics in the digital world. This will help your online marketing strategy to remain relevant and effective.

So, what are the necessary ingredients in creating a powerful and successful digital marketing strategy? Let’s check a few points listed in the infographic.


A household name in the digital marketing realm, search engine optimization (SEO) is synonymous to organic traffic. This important marketing technique can do wonders for your website.

It allows your brand to be visible and searchable in search engines, spiking up your website traffic and giving you the opportunity to convert visitors into paying customers. The best thing about it is that you are not paying a penny.

Just how effective is SEO? Research shows that over 40 percent of business revenue has been captured by organic traffic. The truth is, search engines trump every other channel, driving 300 percent more traffic to websites than social media. SEO, as you can see, is a necessity.

Mobile optimization

Do you know that 52.2 percent of all online traffic in 2018 was through mobile phones? That is how huge mobile search is in terms of market share. Many consumers use them to research a product before making a purchase.

That is why marketers should ensure that their websites are mobile-optimized, meaning they show pages just as clearly on phones and tablets as they do on desktops. If not, you will possibly lose potential customers who can get frustrated with websites that are difficult to view on those devices.

Video content

Marketing through videos is a hot trend these days. Many consumers are demanding more video content. They also tend to consume videos more thoroughly than other content forms.

Product videos can actually increase purchase by 144 percent, which is hardly surprising considering that most internet users check videos on related products before they decide to visit a store.

Video marketing can be done in many ways. It can be in the form of product promotion, educational video, a webinar, tutorial, or a glimpse behind the scenes. Videos can increase awareness and engagement, so including them in your digital marketing strategy makes a lot of sense.

Social media

Social media has permeated the lives of billions of people worldwide. It is not a passing trend either. Businesses have recognized its significance as more and more users turn to social media platforms to look for products or services, making them an ideal channel to raise brand awareness, engage customers, and promote products and services.

A business without a social media presence is missing out from golden opportunities, like tapping a huge customer base and driving traffic to their websites. Social media platforms such as Instagram are effective in encouraging users to take action. This involves visiting a company’s website or online shop.

Content marketing

Companies that blog are found to accumulate 97 percent more links to their website. Indeed, producing content on a regular basis can attract a consistent amount of traffic. Content marketing is the key to nailing this. Producing content that is relevant to your customer base can cement your authority in your chosen industry.

The trick here is to provide answers and solutions to users’ problems. When they go online and search for a service that can help them with a particular dilemma, they can find your blog post and read on.

If they feel like you have helped them, you will be rewarded. You may be able to convert them into paying customers. In fact, 47 percent of buyers do not directly engage with a sales representative until they have viewed 3-5 pieces of content.

Keeping these marketing techniques in mind can keep you on track as you develop your digital marketing strategy. When put together, they can make your strategy not only effective but also formidable.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was provided by Serpwatch

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