Product roundup: Husqvarna announces Smarter Summer Job campaign

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Photo: HusqvarnaPhoto: Husqvarna

Husqvarna recently announced the start of their Smarter Summer Job campaign.

The company says the campaign is designed to showcase how easy it is to get a perfectly mowed lawn with Husqvarna’s Automower robotic lawn mower. Husqvarna will choose two college students to serve as Managers of Chilling, a role in which they sit in a lawn chair at Zoo Miami and watch the robotic mower do all the work.

As brand representatives, the company says these students will engage with passersby and on social media to share the key benefits of the Automower.

“For Smartest Summer Job, we are looking for candidates who know how to work smarter, not harder,” says Michelle Sordi, senior director of marketing for Husqvarna North America. “Automower is already keeping more than 1.5 million lawns around the world perfectly mowed at all times, and we’re excited to show people exactly what it can do. We’re offering candidates the chance to become experts in robotics so they can share this message while they hang out with Automower.”

Husqvarna says the Managers of Chilling will be responsible for supervising the Automower for 10 days, documenting its progress via their personal social media channels and Husqvarna’s social media channels.

Smartest Summer Job will run from July 15 – July 24, which includes travel days to and from Zoo Miami. The company says the job will also include extensive robotics training from the experts at Husqvarna, an opportunity offered exclusively through Husqvarna’s Smartest Summer Job program.

Equipped with an umbrella, a tall glass of water, their smart phones and this new-found knowledge, Husqvarna says the Managers of Chilling will demonstrate the benefits of the Automower from the comfort of a lawn chair on the beautiful Zoo Miami grounds.

Vermeer expands line of stump cutters

Vermeer is expanding its line of professional tree care equipment with the addition of the new SC382 stump cutter.

The company says this machine comes equipped with a 37-horsepower EFI Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, a redesigned cutter wheel to help optimize performance, four-wheel drive and an optional blade to make cleanup more efficient.

Photo: VermeerPhoto: Vermeer

The company says the Vermeer SC382 stump cutter boasts the power and maneuverability to take out tough stumps, making it an ideal machine for professional tree care contractors.

“The Vermeer SC382 stump cutter has a similar design to our popular SC362 model, with power and performance-enhancing features,” says Todd Roorda, tree care, rental and landscaping sales manager at Vermeer. “It is a great machine for professionals to help maximize their productivity.”

With optimized tooth placement, Vermeer says the 17-inch cutter wheel on the SC382 stump cutter is engineered to help improve chip containment and reduce material recirculation.

The company says it is designed to work up to 24 inches above ground and 15 inches below ground, and the machine is outfitted with the Vermeer Yellow Jacket cutting system that features universal and reversible carbide-tipped teeth. The company says these are designed with two cutting edges on each tooth as well as side pocket clearance to help limit pocket rubbing, which can cause power loss and premature pocket wear.

Vermeer says the SC382 includes two-wheel and four-wheel drive propel modes, as well as an oscillating front steering axle to maneuver through tough material and around challenging jobsites. With a machine width of just 34.5 inches, Vermeer says the SC382 is convenient to position in tight areas and will fit through many backyard gates.

The company says this stump cutter is equipped with an operator presence system and Vermeer SmartSweep control system, and the operator presence system is designed to automatically disengage and begin braking the cutter wheel when the user’s hands leave the control levers.

The onboard SmartSweep system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts to produce a smooth, consistent cutter wheel sweep rate. The company adds that an optional push blade can also be added to the SC382 to move or level chipped material and reduce the amount of manual labor required when cleaning up the jobsite. The blade is controlled hydraulically from the operator’s station.

Snapper adds quiet engine power technology on new walk-behind mowers 

A recent survey by Snapper revealed that one in two people named mowing the lawn as the most important part of achieving good curb appeal.

Snapper says their walk-behind mowers offer groundbreaking engine technology from Briggs & Stratton, including Quiet Power Technology for a 50 percent quieter operating experience than a traditional gas mower.

Photo: SnapperPhoto: Snapper

“Quiet Power Technology means (users) can mow their grass at extended times of the day without disturbing neighbors,” says Christin Wam, marketing manager for turf and consumer residential products at Briggs & Stratton.

The company says these 21-inch Snapper mowers have the following features: a three-in-one multi-mode deck for mulching, bagging or side discharge of lawn clippings, a single lever that achieves seven height-of-cut adjustments for the ideal cut and a large bagger capable of capturing 2.4 cubic feet (1.9 bushels) to effortlessly tackle more with less interruption.

Snapper says the 21-inch Gas Variable Speed Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series Engine featuring InStart and Quiet Power Technology combines professional-grade, durable components such as a cast iron cylinder sleeve and dual sealing air filter for a 60 percent longer engine life.

The engine is backed by a limited warranty, and other benefits include:

  • InStart technology: A simple push of a button activates the lithium-ion battery starting system which then turns the engine on – no more pulling a cord.
  • Rapid charging: A quick 10-minute charge of InStart’s lithium-ion battery delivers up to 20 starts while a full one-hour charge powers on the engine during a full mowing season.
  • Effortless starting: Backed by Briggs & Stratton’s Starting Promise – meaning if the mower doesn’t start within two attempts, Briggs & Stratton will fix it for free.

Wright launches new type of standing mower

Wright says its Stander ZK 72” mower with dual wheels is built to take on the toughest challenges facing lawn care professionals.

Photo: WrightPhoto: Wright

The company says that dual wheels distribute the large-frame mower’s weight more evenly for greater stability, even on steep grades, and Wright adds that this weight distribution also reduces ground pressure, which they say is safer on soft ground.

Wright says the dual wheel package has four 23×10.5 tires so the wheels do not extend beyond the Aero Core cutting deck, and the company says the mower just needs the same amount of space on the trailer as the standard ZK. The company says the extra hub is installed between the dual wheels to increase axle durability.

Wright says the Stander ZK 72” dual wheel model, powered by the 37-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI engine, boasts a top speed of 12.5 mph, and weighs considerably less than a same-size sit-on mower.

The company says that a safety feature of all Wright Standers is the ability to step off in case of emergency or to pick up debris, and the mower stops immediately when the operator steps off the platform.

Magnee introduces strapless knee pads

Photo: MagneePhoto: Magnee

Magnee says it has introduced the first strapless magnetic attaching knee pads that eliminate the need for uncomfortable straps on knee pads.

Magnee says these knee pads prevent the painful pinch, chaffing and reduced circulation around the back of the knee associated with typical strapped knee pad designs.

The company says this unique, patented design allows the user to place a comfortable and thin pad inside the pant leg atop the knee area. Then, by using earth magnets and a matching hard cap pad outside the pant leg, the company says both are connected to each other with the pant material between both pads.

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