BrightView streamlines customer communication with BV Connect

Photo: BrightViewPhoto: BrightView

Last month, BrightView announced the introduction of BrightView (BV) Connect, an interface for property maintenance engagement. BV Connect is now available to all BrightView’s landscape maintenance customers nationwide.

Through BV Connect, customers are able to submit and track requests for landscape services, monitor property maintenance schedules, submit photo service request and receive updates from BrightView account managers.

Real-time weather-related communication and active maintenance requests can be viewed at a glance on BV Connect’s dashboard. BV Connect can also send push notifications when service requests are created, updated and resolved.

“At BrightView, our mission is centered on intense customer focus,” says Jeff Herold, president of landscape maintenance for BrightView. “Through our ongoing close communications with our customers, we identified the need for a mobile solution to facilitate service requests and status tracking. BV Connect is an online portal that provides customers and property managers the ability to collaborate directly with our personnel through a single communication channel.”

This new portal’s interactive features are an extension of BrightView’s HOA Connect client portal, which allowed it to be developed in less than six months.

BV Connect was created in response to both customer feedback and account manager observations, since they maintain constant communication with customers and property managers.

BrightView conducted several customer engagement sessions during the design process and followed up with test users to see how it did in the field, enabling the company to be able to tailor the solution so it would be the most efficient for customers.

“We believe this new tool will enhance our customer relationships and boost the quality of our services moving forward,” Herold says. “Over the last few years, we have implemented a series of digital tools to support the work and relationships that our teams manage with our customers. So, we look at the launch of BV Connect as not just a response to our customers’ needs, but also as the next step in the digitization of BrightView, further solidifying our position as the gold standard in commercial landscaping.”

BrightView says it understands the value of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities and has been investing in it in response.

“The creation of a proprietary portal enables us to tailor our digital tools to our industry, providing a streamlined and cohesive user experience to our commercial landscaping customers,” Herold says.

Herold says that BrightView’s account managers maintain constant communication with their customers and share information across a variety of communication channels including email, electronic quality reviews, site walks and text messages.

“Our team is excited to have an interactive tool that streamlines and enhances customer communications,” Herold says. “The mobile solution also expands our field-based apps that support productivity and rapid customer follow-up, making BrightView the most digitally-advanced company in the commercial landscaping industry.”

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