LMN introduces VIP program for select landscape business owners looking to scale efficiently

Photo: LMNPhoto: LMN

LMN Inc., a provider of B2B landscape business management software, has launched its LMN VIP program to help hand-picked landscape business owners document and share their experience of growing and scaling their business with LMN.

Kicking off the first run of the VIP program, LMN started with seven VIPs including Caleb and Brittany Auman of Auman Landscaping LLC, Shawn and Savanaha Spencer of Spencer Lawn Care, Josh Jones of Mass Hardscapes, Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care, Richey and Jessica Plemons of Plemons Lawn & Landscape, Stanley Genadek of Dirt Monkey University and Andrew Wilson of Cut and Clean LLC.

LMN CEO Mark Bradley hosted the VIPs, excluding Genadek and Wilson who were unable to attend, at South Beach in Miami, Florida, for a three-day crash course on everything LMN.

“The opportunity to get to know Mark on a first-hand basis has been invaluable,” Auman says. “He has inspired us in many ways to run a tighter and more profitable company through his sharing of his insights and experiences. Also, getting to know and network with the other VIPs is always good for business.”

Most of the landscape and lawn care companies are brand new to LMN and have started with the Fast Track program, while a few of them have already been implementing LMN into their business.

During the trip, the VIPs were asked to identify their personal and professional goals. Some of the professional goals included scaling the business while managing it efficiently. Bradley adds that while it’s one thing to grow and scale, it’s another to grow and scale while making a profit.

Bradley shared his personal experience of growing a $50 million landscape company and launching LMN. Some of the topics covered include how to organize budgets, categorize profits and find your sweet spot in the market.

“I’m working with all of them to maximize the different aspects of the LMN software,” Bradley says. “We get on video conference calls where we walk through the software and share insights and experiences as they move along the program.”

Bradley explains that the education and assistance that the VIPs can receive by doing the Fast Track will help them manage their businesses efficiently and maximize their profits.

“There is no cost to join the VIP program,” Bradley says. “We identify and select who we want to work with and who we think will benefit from the software while sharing their experiences with their audiences.”

The companies LMN is looking to work with do not necessarily have to be a certain size or make a certain revenue amount.

“For this program, we weren’t just looking for your typical ‘influencers’ but rather people that could also grow and benefit from the program as well,” Bradley says. “We took a deep dive into their social profiles and their audience engagements to see how they interact with their audiences. We wanted to make sure that LMN could add value for them and their respective fans.”

Photo: LMNPhoto: LMN

The first VIP program lasted six months, ending in April 2020, but Bradley hopes it will become an ongoing relationship.

“We want to be able to continue this as long as we can, given that the VIPs are gaining the best experience possible from the program,” he says.

Genadek says he started using LMN two months ago and wishes he had done it two years ago.

“It’s by far the absolute best thing we’ve done for our company,” Genadek says. “We finally have an understanding of overhead – not just on paper – but how it affects our jobs on a day to day basis.”

LMN also offers free online training for landscape industry professionals through LMN Academy, on various topics such as estimating and invoicing.

“We fundamentally believe that education for landscapers comes first,” Bradley says. “For us, it’s not just about having people buy the product but ensuring that our users become the best landscaping businesses they can be.”

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