Toro showcases new snow blowers, power shovels and Horizon360 updates

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Along with its newest round of mowers, Toro also announced the latest lineup of snow blowers, power shovels and Horizon360 software updates in its recent virtual event.

Toro Power TRX HD snow blowers

Toro says the 28” Power TRX HD commercial snow blower features a wide 28” clearing width and the 32” Power TRX HD commercial snow blower features a 32” clearing width.

The company says the Power TRX HD units feature a hydrostatic-powered transmission for self-propelled operation, and the track drive grips the surface for stability and traction on tough terrain and slopes.

Toro says its Infinitely Variable Speed gives the operator total control over the machine’s speed and makes it a breeze to change speeds on the go.

Photo: ToroPhoto: Toro

“Users with slopes or steep terrain and heavy snow areas can clear large spaces in a short time with the Power TRX HD series, which is also powered by a self-propelled hydrostatic transmission,” says Christina Howell, marketing manager at Toro. “It’s a great solution for steep driveways. With a push of our quick-adjust lever, they can easily go up for climbing or transport, flat to blow off a level surface and down to dig into the snow.”

Driven by Toro’s 420cc 4-cycle OHV engine, the company says both models have the power and capacity needed to clear snow more than 20” deep, hurling snow over 60 feet depending on conditions.

The company says the one-push electric start lets the operator get right to work, and the power steering ensures smooth, tight turns. Toro adds that built-in hand warmers and LED headlights help ease the job in cold, dark conditions.

“The patented Anti-Clogging System also assures quick work in tough conditions,” says Howell. “It minimizes clogging and routes heavy snow away from the chute and back into the auger.”

Toro says heavy-duty cast-iron skids with drift cutters help the snow blowers cut through heavy snow, and the Quick Stick chute control makes changing the deflector direction easy and smooth.

With all-steel construction and commercial-grade quality, Toro says both models are built for years of dependable service and reduced maintenance.

Toro 60V Flex-Force power shovel  

Toro says it is also pleased to announce the arrival of the 60V Flex-Force power shovel.

The company says the 60V power shovel can easily clear up to six inches of snow in a single pass and offers a 12-inch clearing width. The company says this machine can also shred through snow and throw it up to 25 feet, due to its Power Curve technology.

Photo: TorPhoto: Tor

Toro says the shovel offers a two-speed option and includes a Flex-Force 2.5ah 60V battery system, allowing you to use the same battery across all seasons in other 60V tools. The company says the Flex-Force power system ensures a runtime of up to 45 minutes on a single charge and a 60-minute recharge time.

“We wanted to give our customers a battery-powered snow removal option that’s compact and easy to handle, yet powerful enough to get the job done,” says Howell. “We believe we’ve developed a tool that meets all the snow removal needs for customers, and it’s also a great supplemental tool for larger areas such as steps, decks, patios, etc. This tool truly allows customers to clear every corner of their property with precision and ease. This important balance of simplicity and power in the introduction of the 60V Flex-Force power shovel is a win-win for users looking for high performance packed into a compact, easy-to-use machine.”

Toro says the system is backed by a three-year full warranty on the 60V power shovel and a three-year full warranty on the battery assemblies.

Toro Horizon360 software system  

Toro says its Horizon 360 all-in-one business software suite allows landscape contractors to more effectively track the productivity of their crews and equipment, automate their billing process and enhance the time management of their businesses.

“Horizon360 empowers landscape contractors like no other software on the market,” says Dave Francis, senior marketing manager at Toro. “We’ve leveraged our 100 years of experience and expertise to develop a software system that will give you more data, better data and powerful tools to analyze the effectiveness of your business – in an incredibly easy-to-use, intuitive package. You don’t have to be a tech geek to realize the powerful potential of our software. It’s that easy to use. Now you can work smarter, not harder, with all of the analytics you need at your fingertips.”

Matt Lawonn, owner of Lawonn Lawn and Landscaping, located in suburban Milwaukee, says the productivity gains of using Horizon360 are real and tangible.

“Knowing your numbers is crucial in knowing your productivity and your financials,” says Lawonn. “With Horizon360, we could take a deeper look into our numbers and become more profitable. It met and exceeded all of our business expectations. It allowed us to focus on more important tasks and become more efficient and profitable.”toro technology horizon360 contractor business software logo

From proof of service to job notes and office notes, Toro says operators will never miss getting paid for work that was lost or forgotten due to lost paper or manual invoicing. With real-time equipment tracking and an intuitive bi-lingual phone app, the company says managing complex scheduling, challenging weather events and multiple crews has never been easier.

Toro says these small devices, the size of a wallet, are powered by 12-volt batteries and communicate with Horizon360, after they’re installed on a gas-powered mower, snowblower or other pieces of equipment. The company says the tracking device syncs up with the Horizon360 app on the smartphones of your employees, and the Horizon360 tracking device begins to communicate information, including:

  • The actual location of your equipment and crew
  • Job start and end times based on a calendar schedule
  • Actual time equipment was in use

Toro says the business owner or the crew boss can then monitor all of this data in real-time from their own smartphone or from a desktop computer back at the office. By setting up a geofence around a customer’s property, users can see in real-time when crews enter and leave a job.

The company says Horizon360 also allows you and your entire crew to see their daily schedule and on-demand jobs at their fingertips, and it allows your crew to manually or auto-start jobs and track actual on-the-job time versus the schedule.

Toro says the proof of service photo feature safeguards your business from customer complaints or claims of damage, and, if your team performed any add-on services at the request of the customer, a note can be made in the Horizon360 app that allows the business owner to follow-up with customer and/or to invoice for the additional service.

Toro says the Horizon360 is engineered to work with all gas-powered equipment – walk-behind mowers, zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, riding mowers, snowblowers, aerators and more.

Toro says the software works with Toro equipment as well as competitive equipment to allow you to capture data and analyze the performance of everything you use. By monitoring all of your equipment, Toro says Horizon360 lets you see which pieces of equipment are being used the most, and which deliver the best performance based on fuel use.

The company says Horizon360’s scheduling tool lets you assign work, balance schedules and manage inevitable rain days by reassigning and rescheduling with a few clicks.

Toro says Horizon360 also enables you to accurately and quickly create estimates. When these estimates turn into customers and jobs, the company says they are automatically entered into the system and the work is ready to schedule.

Toro says there are no sign-on fees and no yearly contracts, and the basic plan is $99 a month and the premium plan is $199/month.

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