Lawn care company adopts families in need for Christmas

giving tree presents
Oasis Turf & Tree

Oasis Turf & Tree in Loveland, Ohio, has always made giving back part of its company culture. That has included donating time at various organizations, including volunteering at Ronald McDonald House and caring for the Dayton National Cemetary.

Most recently, for the holidays, Oasis Turf & Tree took part in a "giving tree" to collect gifts for local families in need.

Oasis Turf & "Giving" Tree

The company's creative content manager Melanie Reindl says that Oasis got involved in adopting families for both the Bethany House, an emergency shelter for homeless families, and The Dragonfly Foundation, an organization that helps children and families affected by pediatric cancer. They took on one large family through Bethany House and three families through Dragonfly. 

"We received lists of everything the children might want and then employees could pick which gifts they wanted to buy," explains Reindl. "We were really thankful that we got everything needed on the list."

Reindl says they were also able to get bikes for the older boys. One of the company's technicians was so moved by the idea, he bought the bike himself. 

Getting everyone involved

One of the aspects of a "Giving Tree" that worked well was that it could get everyone involved in different ways and at a level at which they were comfortable. Reindl says that some employees were happy to go out and buy a gift while others wanted to get involved in the wrapping. The bikes also had to be assembled, so they had some of the technicians handle that. 

IMG-6814.jpgTeam members choose presents to purchase for families in need.Oasis Turf & Tree

"It didn't have to be a financial contribution," Reindl says. "There were other ways to help like wrapping and assembling. We also had to deliver the gifts to the organizations." 

As a company, Oasis Turf & Tree frequently donates time and money to local charities. But they have also found that involving employees in these efforts is usually well received. Many of them want to find ways they can help and this makes it easy.

"We feel so blessed by what the community has done for us and we appreciate any opportunity we have to give back," Reindl sums up. "We love being able to serve the local community." 

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