Pest alert: Average homeowner finds bugs five times per week

Bugging Out Final

Considering today is Halloween, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to talk about creepy crawlies. New research from TruGreen highlights American homeowners’ feelings toward unwanted pests and bugs.

According to a new survey of 2,000 homeowners or renters with a yard or lawn, 15% of respondents will squish a bug regardless of where they see it — inside or outside. The average homeowner encounters a bug or pest about five times per week, both inside and outside their home.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TruGreen, results revealed that more than half (56%) feel frustrated when they find a bug or pest at their home. Others feel scared (39%), disgusted (39%) or anxious (39%).

The survey highlighted several other primary conclusions, some of which may surprise you! 

Spiders aren’t so scary to homeowners. Whether found inside or outside the home, beetles, centipedes, and cockroaches take the top spot as creepiest crawlers to be removed or squished. Surprisingly, spiders are less often subject to the same fate, whether found indoors (16%) or outdoors (11%).  

Homeowners' reactions to critters can evoke a strong, vivid emotional response. A majority of homeowners, specifically 56%, express outright frustration, while there's a close tie among those feeling fear, disgust, and anxiety – each registering at 39%.

The likelihood of taking action against creepy crawlers hinges largely on two factors: its appearance and where it is found. More than half of Americans (56%) make the choice to squish based on the bug or pest's appearance, while an equal percentage consider the potential harm these creatures could inflict on their children, pets, and homes.

Preparing food = worst scenario for encountering pests. A majority of Americans agree that discovering an uninvited pest while cooking is the worst-case scenario. A close second is the unsettling scenario of stumbling upon an unexpected bug while on the verge of sleeping (23%). On the other hand, some believe that the living room (16%) or the shower (12%) are the most undesired spots for such encounters.

Social media squashes traditional advice. Americans depend heavily on social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube for information on bugs and pest control with a staggering 97% compared to books, home improvement stores, or their family and friends.

Professionals are a go-to resource. More than half of the respondents (68%) said they would hire a professional for bug or pest issues and concerns, and 20% would rather “phone a friend” to squish the bug or pest than do it themselves.

"With the arrival of fall and soon winter, many Americans face not only the chilling temperatures but also an influx of pests seeking warmth in their homes,” said Jeremy McReynolds, TruGreen’s pest control expert. “A staggering 48% of homeowners encounter the most pests and bugs during these seasons. To ensure the safety of your home and loved ones, it is best to engage the services of a professional who can effectively prevent these unwelcome intruders from gaining entry."

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