Apple Smart WatchJust as Apple was on the verge of being unable to peak my interest, they started experimenting with wristwatches.

I may not be a watch person, but having my smart device strapped to my arm does sound futuristic, and thus exciting. If it worked for Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget, a smart watch must be pretty high-tech.

The company is said to be experimenting with devices made of curved glass that would operate on Apple’s iOS platform. Not much else is known about this possible product, leaving many to wonder what functions it will possess. Will it be used like a cell phone to call and text? Or, will it serve another purpose altogether, like tracking our level of fitness or diagnosing illnesses? With Apple behind the technology, I’m not ruling anything out.

Although this news leaves more questions than answers, it’s exciting to see where technology is going and what this means going forward. If we can communicate through a watch, who’s to say all of our office work can’t be done digitally from the jobsite in the future. As computer, tablets and phones keep shrinking in size and growing in capabilities, it looks like it’s time for a completely new and different type of device to be introduced.

To read more about Apple’s watch technology, check out this article from The New York Times.

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