Safety watch: Got spring fever?

Updated Feb 6, 2020

Employee Motiviation

It’s always important to improve and maintain your equipment for the spring season, but have you thought about prepping your employees?

Mentally preparing crews for the busiest seasons of summer and spring can be a task that many owners and landscaping professionals may forget.

It’s important to make sure your employees are up to date on their knowledge of safety for springtime including using a lawn mower properly, working around swimming pools and using the basic tools like chainsaws and trimmers.

Going beyond safety measures, it’s important to connect with employees through the stressful season and make sure it’s an enjoyable environment to work in as it is in all businesses. Owners of landscaping companies are busy, and owners have an extra step because their employees don’t work at a desk job all day.

Owners need to make sure they’re stepping out from the paperwork and finding ways to connect with employees on more than a “Here’s your paycheck” level.

After talking to several landscapers through our Landscaper of the Year program, many owners are conducting safety and instructional video sessions on Monday mornings. This does more than teach employees, it’s a chance for an employer to connect, view and communicate with employees.

Others are coming up with ways to get employees excited about coming to work and enjoying the job. Read about how some landscapers are recruiting and retaining the best employees.

So as the winter weather begins to fade and the grass begins to turn greener, make sure your employees are just as tuned up and oiled as every piece of equipment in your shop.

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