Healthy Client Relationships

construction-guy-shaking-handsPLANET, the Professional Landcare Network, recently released a survey showing how clients are willing to spend more money throughout 2013.

Overall, clients may be more comfortable diving into a wallet, but this shouldn’t dissuade landscapers from providing proper customer service.

Clients are slowly returning from the recession, and assuming clients are ready to drop thousands of dollars on a project is a mistake.

Talking money is not always a fun and happy-go-lucky topic, but it has to be done. Providing customer service and establishing a strong relationship with clients is crucial in flourishing. However, make sure you don’t fall into the gray area with a client. It’s good to establish relationships, but always make sure the relationship is white and black.

Having rules and boundaries and expressing them to all of your employees is imperative, especially since you can’t watch your crews all hours of the day.

Here are five tips on how to keep a professional working relationship.

Being up front and honest with your client about how things will work on the jobsite is the best way to establish that professional relationship. Keep the professionalism alive, but continue to provide unmatchable customer service. 

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