Program’s Nothing Short of Amazing

21220_173330769492799_1072518406_nWhen I was working at a newspaper, I covered many stories that involved at-risk youth and programs that catered to helping those that had been involved in the court system.

However, I have never seen anything like what The Victory Project has done.

Students who are considered “at-risk” or who have been involved in the court system enter the youth program, and The Victory Project has taken a step closer to getting students back on their feet.

The program has created Victory Landscape Management, which is made up of about 13 students who work during the week at 52 commercial and residential properties in their area.

The whole idea is to help instill a sense of entrepreneurship to students. Coordinators of the program said the students have everything to lose, which keeps them working even harder in the program.

The students have to stay out of trouble at school, home and the community and complete The Victory Project’s work each week to continue to be a part of the business.

The program is nothing less than amazing.

By instilling values and the sense of hard work in students can be a great concept for a community.

The students will get a sense of responsibility by working different properties, feel pride in a job well done and take away a sense of accomplishment.

The program is a new beginning of what a student can grow into and become, which doesn’t seem to happen enough these days.  

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