Photo By Kirby GallagherPhoto By Kirby Gallagher

I love mysteries. One of my first board games was Clue, and I watch Dateline NBC every week — which is especially exciting when Keith Morrison is reporting.

So when I saw there was a mower-related mystery, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

A steel rod fell from the sky and hit an SUV in Ottawa, Canada, so a local newspaper, The Ottawa Citizen, asked its readers to help identify the object.

Many of their readers suspected the metal came from a landscaper trailer — the part that holds up the tailgate. “I think that piece of metal is from a landscaper trailer that is used to hold up the tailgate, and the NCC workers were cutting the grass nearby and that metal was hit by the blades and struck the SUV,” says Bob Leblanc to the paper.

Others guessed it was part of a lawn mower. One long-shot theory was that it fell from an airplane.

So, what do you think this mysterious piece of metal came from? If only they had called on Keith Morrison, maybe we’d have some real answers — or at least an entertaining report.

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