Catherine La Farge, University of AlbertaCatherine La Farge, University of Alberta

One of the first scary movies I saw (and had nightmares about) was Jurassic Park. I got over the fear of these man-eating dinosaurs by remembering they were no longer walking the earth. However, I’m starting to wonder if Steven Spielberg may have been on to something.

A group of 400-year-old frozen plants from glaciers in the Canadian Arctic have been brought back to life, according to the Los Angeles Times. Scientists dug out the seemingly dead plants from Sverdrup Pass. But as they were looking at the blackened plants, they noticed some of them were sprouting new growth.

“Our contribution demonstrates that bryophytes buried in ice 400 years ago can remain dormant and provide an unrecognized pathway for recolonization of deglaciated terrains (recent and ancient),” the researchers wrote.

And with others discussing reviving woolly mammoths after a recent find, my prehistoric dreams are starting to feel more like a possibility. I vote they stick with creating something we could all enjoy: an Ice Age garden.

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