New Holland Holding Tight to Rich Heritage

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I have written about many skid steers, excavators, compact track loaders and more. But on my trip to visit New Holland in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I actually got to drive my first piece of construction equipment.

After the “rodeo” that New Holland team members set up for us, I learned that the ability to drive construction equipment and work it properly is an art.

Each piece of equipment is very easy to operate, but when it comes down to actually getting work done, it definitely takes some practice – something I could have used more of.

I thought I was doing great on the skid steer course until I was told I had four penalties after hitting four cones (even hitting one cone with two tires).

After successfully operating a compact excavator and backhoe (and by success, I mean not break anything), I was really able to understand a piece of what landscapers do for a living.

Equipment is such a huge part of any jobsite, and New Holland has set up skid steers from the past lining its drive at its headquarters, including its first prototype from the 1960s.

That prototype started a few firsts for the industry including vertical lift on skid steers and operator protection.

The “Flintstone Buggy”, as New Holland team members call it, is an iconic memory of how far the the company has come, and helps remind employees of the company’s roots.  

[youtube SHxHe5SzHjk nolink]

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