Stop having a case of the ‘Mondays’

Updated Jun 25, 2018
Does your job ever remind you of Office Space? The majority of workers seem to say “yes.”Does your job ever remind you of Office Space? The majority of workers seem to say “yes.”

Why do so many people hate their jobs, and how can we all stop having a permanent case of the Mondays?

Maybe the most accurate portrayal of work life, the movie “Office Space” brings up employees having a “case of the Mondays.”

While everyone has their “off days,” it seems Mondayitis has spread since Milton finally got back his beloved stapler (sorry, spoiler alert).

“Americans seem to hate their jobs in record numbers these day,”said Brian Williams when he opened up the topic. He shared a study about how few people actually enjoy what they do and are engaged in their work.

Only 30 percent of workers actually enjoy their jobs, 52 percent openly admit to not being engaged and 18 percent say they are actually disengaged, according to their survey.

If you or your employees find that you just aren’t into what you do anymore, it’s time to take action. You spend most of your time working, so don’t you want to make it enjoyable? Plus, happy workers are actually more productive.

Here are some things you can do to start loving your job.

  1. Find ways to make it fun. While budget meetings and checking emails don’t top my list of activities, they are just part of the bigger picture. Focus on what does make you happy. Maybe that is visiting the jobsites, creating designs or talking with customers. Then, start thinking about completing the things you don’t like as just a step closer to what your true passion is.
  2. Build relationships. My favorite job was doing something I hated. But, what made me get up excited every morning were the people I worked with. I left work every night thinking about what my co-worker and I discussed, instead of the rude person I had to deal with that day.
  3. Remember why you’re there. If you’re just starting out, you’re probably handling a lot of “busy work” and things you find boring. But, if you start to view those tasks as the things that will lead you to your goal, you’ll have more motivation and feel more engaged.
  4. Evaluate the situation. If you’ve tried all you can think of and you’re still miserable, it may be time to look for another job as a last resort.
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