Hope After Plane Crash

Southwest Flight 345There’s nothing like booking a Southwest flight while watching the news about one crashing.

As I’m looking for a flight to Nebraska to visit with some equipment manufacturers, I see where the landing gear on Southwest Flight 345 fails on its way to New York. And when the other crash happened last month in San Francisco, I was getting ready to fly back home from a trip out West. (I’m starting to think me flying is bad luck for others.)

But maybe what is more amazing about these crashes other than the events themselves is how there were few injuries and deaths. Normally, if a plane goes down, there are deadly results for most, if not all, of the passengers. While commercial plane crashes are rare, I’d have to say plane crashes with most everyone surviving is even rarer.

I say all that to say this: You can either look at the bad or the good with every situation. Yes, the bad can be really bad, and I’m not saying to just turn a blind eye. But, if you can also see the good, miraculous aspects of events, you’ll see life in a different light.

So, instead of being scared to fly on my Southwest flight to Omaha, I’m happy to know if we do have trouble, there’s hope. I wouldn’t consider myself an overly optimistic person — I still grip the chair when there’s turbulence. But, I do think it’s important to see the bigger picture, which includes finding the good in a seemingly bad situation.

How has seeing both sides of things helped you and your business?

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