5 Myths Parents Told Us

Child eating appleI’m surprised how many thoughts I have now that stem from what my parents told me when I was young. For example, do you tell your children not to get in the pool until an hour after they eat? Why? Is that what you were told?

A lot of what we were taught was to instill beliefs and character traits in us that we could then use later in life. But, some of what they said was just plain crazy.

1. Are there really trees in our stomachs?
I found myself at a cross roads today as I ate my daily apple at exactly 2:30 p.m. (Yes, I’m a creature of habit.) My father used to tell me if I ate the seeds, an apple tree would grow in my stomach. Common sense and science would disagree with that, I know, but somehow it still finds its way in my mind when I accidentally swallow a tiny seed.

2. I’m glad my face didn’t stick like that.
What’s so wrong with a silly face or two? Something must be if parents feel the need to scare you and say it will stick in that distorted way.

3. Toads = Warts
I was a pretty big tomboy when I was younger and loved playing with insects and any living creature I could find. So when my parents informed me that toads could cause warts, I knew there was no chance for my skin. I always had a frog/toad, whether it be in an aquarium inside or just in my backyard. I never got a wart until I was in high school, and my first thought was, “When have I touched a toad?”

4. Don’t pop your knuckles!
To this day, my mother gets on to me if I pop my knuckles. She says my rings aren’t going to fit anymore and I’ll have arthritis. Since it’s more of a habit now, I finally asked my doctor about it. For all my knuckle-cracking friends, there’s no need to fret. This is completely fine and won’t negatively affect you.

5. Spit it out
I’m the world’s worst when it comes to gum. For some reason, I can’t help but swallow it. It takes too much like candy for my throat to understand the difference. So, being told it took seven years to digest was a bit frightening. Lucky for me, this is just a case of my parents trying to scare me into spitting out my gum.

I don’t have children, so I can’t be exactly sure what satisfaction parents get from telling these myths. My guess is that they didn’t want us to choke on seeds or gum, make stupid faces, touch reptiles or hear our knuckles.

What crazy things did your parents tell you?

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