Here Come the Geese Police

Updated Jul 24, 2013
Photo Credit: ALAMYPhoto Credit: ALAMY

After writing about goats doubling as mowers in the July magazine, I couldn’t resist sharing this animal story.

Police in rural areas of Xinjiang province, China, are sending out gaggles of geese officers to patrol against crime, according to The Telegraph: Law enforcement agents described the geese as a new “highlight of stability maintenance work” and said they had proved themselves “better than dogs” in tackling crime.

While dogs can be distracted and killed with poisoned food, geese don’t see that well at night. So instead, they will come directly at the criminals, squawking the whole way.

I know when I come across geese, I stay out of their way. So, maybe the Chinese are on to something. Would you consider letting a squad of geese guard your equipment at night? I’m guessing their bark, or honk, is worse than their bite.

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