Turn ‘Smart Irrigation Month’ Into Year

Photo: gogreeninstages.comPhoto: gogreeninstages.com

As July ends, so does “Smart Irrigation Month”.

However, just because July 31 came around doesn’t mean landscapers should stop being smart about irrigation.

In fact, landscapers should help continue the message of smart irrigation by showing and teaching clients how to better conserve water throughout the year.

We recently published an infographic detailing how individuals use water on an annual basis.

Did you know the average American family of four can use 400 gallons of water per day? Per day! And on top of that, 30 percent of that is outdoor use.

Several organizations, manufactures and companies worked to provide smart irrigation tips throughout the month of July.

Even governors jumped on the wagon and started proclaiming smart irrigation practices throughout the month.

But why does it have to all stop on July 31?

Smart irrigation is something that can be promoted all year long with an accented emphasis during July. 

According to the Irrigation Association, the focus of July was to:

  • Educate businesses, homeowners, growers/producers and other users about efficient water use.
  • Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies.
  • Position your organization as a leader in smart water stewardship.

I challenge every manufacturer, organization and company to continue this message. Keep the focus going to continue to save water every year.

Let’s get smarter when using water – and let’s do it for more than just one month.  

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