Gaining Respect for the Pros

Nothing could break my concentration while racing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.Nothing could break my concentration while racing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

I’m no speed demon on the highways, but I put the pedal to the metal last week at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

After touring the Briggs & Stratton plant in Auburn, Alabama, and learning about the new Vanguard 810-cc commercial engine, the company flew me to the Speedway for the true NASCAR racing experience. I cautiously sped around the track, happily passing the other drivers, yet still holding on to the steering wheel for dear life — and I have the blisters to prove it.

Having never raced before, especially on a track like that, I have a newfound respect for professional drivers. They drive way faster than I ever could, and they actually have other drivers speeding around them. By having this experience, I’m able to appreciate the hard work they put into their craft. (I no longer view races as a bunch of drivers going in a circle for a few hours.)

And the same should be true with your customers.

You have put a lot of effort into learning the green industry and the services your business offers. So, help your customers understand what really goes into each task. Not only will they respect and value your work and opinion even more, they will also understand why you charge what you do.

You’re the pro — so make sure your projects and business practices reflect that.

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