‘Walking On Sunshine’ Becomes Reality

Photo: inhabitat.comPhoto: inhabitat.com

You know the song, “Walking On Sunshine”?

Whereas the singer is not really talking about walking on sunshine physically, one team in Virginia has made that song title a reality.

Studio39 Landscape Architecture teamed up with students at the Solar Institute at George Washington University to install the world’s first solar panel walking path, according to inhabitat.com.

The team installed 27 photovoltaic panels to create a Solar Walk that generates 400 watts of electricity.

The 400 watts of electricity power 450 LEDs installed underneath the pavers that make up the walkway, which is connected to a solar-powered trellis.

That trellis at the end of the walkway sends energy back into the University’s Innovation Hall building.

Technology never ceases to amaze me, and I hope a trend like this can be produced for a reasonable price all over the world.

Whereas universities are experimenting with this now, maybe one day it will be a common trend to have in a client’s backyard. 

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