And the Mower Goes to…

Jeff Rausch, owner of Daybreaker Lawn Care & Snow Removal, stands with the Exmark Commercial 30 mower at GIE+EXPO.Jeff Rausch, owner of Daybreaker Lawn Care & Snow Removal, stands with the Exmark Commercial 30 mower at GIE+EXPO.

One of the best things about my job is meeting landscapers and feeling like we’ve been helpful to them and their business. So, meeting Jeff Rausch at GIE+EXPO was one of my week’s highlights.

Rausch, owner of Daybreaker Lawn Care & Snow Removal in Illinois, won our Editor’s Picks Giveaway for the Exmark Commercial 30 mower.

Rausch started his business three years ago, “mostly out of necessity as I had just been laid off and was tired of the endless job applications and no interviews, but also because I felt like landscaping was something I knew and could do,” he writes in his submission.

“Since beginning my landscaping company, it has seemed as though everything has been against me. The economy was (and still kind of is) down, and the weather has not cooperated here in Illinois with a drought last summer and very little snow in the past two winters. I have also been dealing with the things that I am sure all landscapers who start from scratch have to, such as little or no credit or cash flow, equipment problems since I am not yet at a point when I can get new stuff I am frequently fixing things, trying to gain customers in a very competitive market and trying to stay focused and not get discouraged as it can frequently seem as though I am constantly spinning my tires but not going anywhere”

He continues, saying he needs to grow his business by adding new equipment, but having the cash flow to do so can be difficult. “If I am chosen, I can guarantee this mower will be used and would be such a tremendous help in growing my company into a successful business.”

Here’s what Rausch said when I told him he won our mower giveaway:

“I am totally shocked! I had more or less forgot about the contest because I have been working so much lately, basically every day, and this was such an unexpected surprise. Ironically, just a few days ago, I was thinking again about this mower and how well it would work for several of my smaller properties that I recently acquired, but the contest didn’t cross my mind. I was trying to come up with a game plan on how to buy one, so the timing and surprise of this couldn’t be better!  So again, I am totally shocked, this is without a doubt the best and biggest thing I have ever won!

“I will put this mower to good use immediately. There are several properties I maintain that have a lot of undulations or steep slopes where the walk behind is too heavy and cumbersome. Previously, I have been mowing these with a string trimmer and a non-commercial push mower, which does not provide the best results. This new mower will be such a vast improvement and will make these difficult areas a lot more manageable. I am super excited to start using it!”

While our mower giveaway may have ended, we have a new one going on right now for SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment’s EZ Haulr transport ramp. Enter to win these ramps by Dec. 18.

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