What Black Friday Taught Us About Customers

Black FridayOther than learning you don’t want to be out on Black Friday — or Thanksgiving night, as stores are opening earlier — there are other takeaways from this crazy shopping day.

Sales have been up 2.3% the past few days compared to previous years, and that trend continues today for Cyber Monday. And a large portion of those sales came from online buys. Many major companies even offered their door-buster deals online before the store opened — something I’ve never seen before.

Part of the online appeal for shoppers is because of advances in company websites and not wanting to deal with the crowds, but customers are also showing they like to shop online. They trust online information more than in the past.

Customers expect to be able to find all of the information online through websites. So, with this trend here to stay, it’s important for you to have an easy-to-access website that provides customers with everything they need to know. If it doesn’t, they’ll quickly go somewhere else — probably to your competitor.

List your location — you’d be surprised how many landscapers don’t have this on their site — and services with photos. Also make sure you have contact information, your name and what sets you apart from the competition.

Your website can make or break your business, so make sure yours attracts clients. If you already have a good site, here are tips for designing a mobile version.

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