If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

You leave a digital footprint with everything you post and share online.You leave a digital footprint with everything you post and share online.

Online comments never cease to amaze me. From the irritate to the just plain hateful, some web users don’t think twice about what they post on Facebook, LinkedIn, company websites or forums.

But what they probably aren’t thinking about when they post something are their clients — and future clients. People often lose their common sense because they are posting online, instead of talking to someone in person.

When you post or share something online, those words are there forever (insert “mom” voice here). So, what you might say in the heat of the moment will be around far longer than that. (Some sites are even taking steps to identify the people leaving these comments, reports CNN.)

And when prospective clients are searching for a landscaper, they may come across your expletive-filled, mean comments — costing you business. As a homeowner, I would never hire a landscaper who posts degrading, hurtful things online because that says a lot about his character and the way he runs his business.

In an industry where jobs can be hard to come by, why risk losing a client because of a heated moment online?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t leave comments — that’s a great way to learn, voice opinions and share ideas. All I’m suggesting is that you think twice about how that comment portrays your business to the community and future clients. You should be the face of your company.

(The ironic part is that I’m sure this blog will receive some not-so-nice responses.)

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