3 Things Employees Want More Than Money

A raise is always welcomed by employees, but there are things many of them want more than money. Here are three things they are looking for in a job.

1. Respect for the Boss. Not only do they want you to respect them, but they also want to have respect for the person running the business. They need to feel like the person they are working for is worthy of that honor.

2. Have a Work/Life Balance. To really give it their all on the jobsite, they need some personal time with friends and family. Not only does this keep them from getting burned out, but it also shows them you care about them as a person — not just a worker.

3. Be a Vital Part of the Team. There’s a difference in hearing someone and actually listening to them. It’s important for you to take what employees say to heart and care about their opinion. They’ll feel like a team member, and you can improve your business with different perspectives.

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