Avoid These 3 Website Mistakes

Updated Jan 9, 2019

business-websiteYou can construct a patio, outdoor living area or beautiful landscape, but can you build a good website?

If you don’t have a company site, you need to launch one ASAP. And for those who already have a site up and going, you want to make sure it properly portrays your services and business. Here are three of mistakes to avoid on your website, according to Equipment World magazine.

1. You don’t feature your employees. While pictures of completed projects tell one part of your story, you’re missing a critical element if you don’t show who’s on your team. Your people are your company. They’re the ones that make it happen, who interact with your clients on a daily basis, who make you look good. Grab a camera, take some head-and-shoulder shots of your key people, give a short description about what they do, and show their email addresses.

2. It’s hard to find your email address. You may prefer receiving phone calls, but you still need to provide an email address on your site that potential clients can reach you at. Taking that a step further, you need to check and return emails in a timely manner.

3. People have to fill out a form to contact you. For those who do allow for email contact on their website, many require customers to fill out a form to do so. There’s no personal touch in this; it’s anyone’s guess who receives the completed form and in what decade can a response can be expected. Get rid of it. The same is true with an “info@” email. Again, who is receiving it? Replace it with the individual email of a true go-to person in your organization.

To read other mistakes to watch out for, visit Equipment World’s site.

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