Are Robotic Lawn Mowers the Future?

Updated Dec 11, 2019

Lawnkeeper-500Technology will always be a hot topic across the green industry for years to come.

Whether it’s websites, social media, new inventions or whatever idea is around the corner, technology will always continue to be brought up in conversations.

One subject matter that seems to be talked about right now is the remote controlled or robot lawn mower.

What started off as a somewhat simple idea has turned the green industry into a thinking machine of what can be invented next.

downloadFrom John Deere to Cub Cadet to Husqvarna, most lawn mower manufactures are on the move to create the next best hands-free lawn mower.

The latest one I have seen from Summit seems to be a bit larger and feature rubber tracks, which are designed to help the lawn mower on slopes.

The idea behind the robotic lawn mower is designed for convenience, but how will they affect the landscaping professional?

I believe the mowers are far from what a true lawn care professional can do, but don’t let technology fool you.

2014 TRX-22-SE Remote Control Slope Mower2014 TRX-22-SE Remote Control Slope Mower

More and more hands-free mowers are being made and becoming a growing trend for clients.

What was once a playful idea that might come across as a toy is now being developed into real machines being sold in real markets.

New inventions and technology is not going anywhere, but it’s how you can adapt to the environment around you.



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