8 Questions, Acts to Avoid in Interviews

Our sister pub, Better Roads magazine discusses eight strange interview questions that candidates ask that could make or break getting the job.

After reading this article from Fast Company, I felt like I had just looked at an article out of The Onion, a satirical (but in my opinion, very well-written) take on real news.

These questions asked by potential job candidates showcase bad manners and are just downright odd.

Check out the highlights:

1.  One candidate’s mom came along for an interview because she was afraid her shy daughter might forget something important

2.  Another job candidate asked the potential employer to pay him less than a living wage so he could stiff his wife in their divorce.

3.  And one candidate asked if it was OK if he barked at the dogs in the pet-friendly office in order to show his dominance. (This sounds like something out of a really bad adult novel.)

4.  Then there was the candidates who asked to eat lunch during the interview.

5.  Another asked if he could stay after the interview to join in on a free lunch with employees.

6.  And another asked if it was OK to grab snacks from the kitchen.

7.  One candidate wanted to know whether the potential boss was single.

8.  And a job applicant asked when she would be able to pass a drug test if she had just smoked marijuana. Wow! Just wow!

For more details on each of the odd questions posted, check out Fast Company’s full report. What is the oddest interview question you have been asked by a potential job candidate or a potential employer? What is the most unique question you may have asked a job applicant? What’s the strangest comment someone may have made during an interview? 

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