Vertical Garden with a Twist

Photo: My Modern MetPhoto: My Modern Met

It’s one thing to turn a roof into a green oasis, or add plants to a bare balcony, but it’s another to take the idea of a vertical garden and put it into building form.

However, this is what one company is planning to do in Montpellier, France.

Sou Fujimoto Architects in partnership with Nicolas Laisné Associés and OXO Architects have put together what they call, “The White Tree”, according to My Modern Met.

The 17-story building, influenced by Japanese and Mediterranean styles, is been designed to look like a tree.

The building appears as though it is growing out of the ground and has “branches” or decks that bring shade to adjacent properties.

According to the article, the architects designed the building to look like a vertical garden.

I can’t say I would be the first one to sign a lease in this particular building due to the fact that privacy seems non existent. However, the design and concept are ingenious.

The building truly does take on a tree-like form, which can look very pleasing to the eye (not to mention it fits in to the environment perfectly).

I believe landscapers and architects are learning every day from nature. Nature is going to decide whether something can live or die in an environment, and nature can be the next inspiration for a new project design – like an entire building.

What has nature taught you?

Photo: My Modern MetPhoto: My Modern Met Photo: My Modern MetPhoto: My Modern Met
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