Backyards: A Landscaper’s Playground

Photo: The Wall Street JournalPhoto: The Wall Street Journal

Have you ever had to work around or even create a play place for children in a client’s backyard?

Designing around a play set can be extremely challenging for landscapers and unfortunately, play sets can be somewhat of an eyesore in the backyard.

However, a few landscape designers are trying to turn primary-colored plastic pieces into a natural-looking play set for kids of all ages.

The problem with play sets is once a child grows out of the structure, it just sits there – ugly, large and in charge of the backyard.

One designing-and-building company in Boulder, Colorado got creative and designed a three-level playscape for one family, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Creative director Kurt Simmerman, with help from the family, created a 7-foot-high climbing wall, as well as a slide next to a “boulder scramble”. A 15-by-15-foot flagstone play patio complements the structure.

Often times, landscapers are going to have clients who have small children. And, as great as your design may be, there will always come the inevitable question of, “Where is the play set going?”.

However, not only can a originally made play set look nice in a backyard, it can really increase your portfolio and services for clients. 

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