Only Use One Site for Social Media

HootSuiteKeeping up with all of your social media sites can be an overwhelming task if you don’t have help.

So when you’re first getting started on social media, automate your posts. On Monday mornings, for example, figure out what you will post for the entire week: before/after project photos, coupons, interesting landscape images, business quotes, customer testimonials or information about your staff.

If you’re only using Facebook, you can schedule posts by clicking the clock image in the box. But once you have several sites to maintain, you might want to turn to a site where you can post to all of them in one place.

On, you can manage up to five media accounts for free and schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress and Mixi. The site also allows you to see anytime someone mentions your company.

NOTE: Once you reach the point when you’ve grown all you can, you can purchase Facebook ads to further extend your reach. “Only do ads as a secondary measure once you’ve hit the upper limit on your organic growth,” says Marlin Caddell, social media adviser at Randall Reilly. The ads allow you to target your audience based on region, age group, zip code and even interest, so you can make sure you’re reaching your target audience. To learn more about the ads, visit

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