5 Habits of Highly Successful Landscapers

Successful LandscaperEvery landscape business owner has his or her unique traits and skill sets. But, there are five habits successful landscapers have in common.

1. They see the bigger picture. Everyday stresses can start to give business owners tunnel vision. But to succeed, landscapers must be able to sort through the trivial issues to focus on the big situations.

2. They lead with their actions. The best landscapers don’t have to constantly tell their employees what to do. The staff is able to see the expected standards and practices firsthand because the owner demonstrates them. The owner might not be on the jobsite every day, but it’s not below them to jump on a machine or move materials. They would never ask someone to do something they wouldn’t do themselves.

3. They are money experts. If you ask a good landscaper about their debt, how much a piece of equipment costs, what to bid a project or how much they have in the bank, they can tell you right off the bat. There’s no surprise each month when they look at the books because they are constantly tracking it.

4. They are in tune with technology. Not only do they have social media pages, but they actually use them to market their business and find clients. They also have easy-to-operate websites that include their contact info, staff bios and project photos. And on the jobsite, they’ll whip out their smartphone or tablet to show clients plant photos, designs or their schedule.

5. They are friendly. Everyone who comes in contact with feels comfortable talking with them. This characteristic is extremely important for client relationships. They also realize they are the face of the company and want to build its reputation in the community.

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