How Not To Be Like Michael Scott

Michael ScottFor all of my fellow “The Office” fans out there, you’ve probably spent many nights laughing at Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott.

A main character on the show, Scott was an HR nightmare — but he was also one of those bosses you couldn’t help but love. While he had plenty of good qualities — like caring for his employees — here are three things you shouldn’t copy from Michael Scott.

Michael Scott Love1. Remember you’re the boss. One of Scott’s biggest downfalls was how much he cared about what others thought of him.

We’re all human and want to be liked, but don’t let that hinder you from being a strong leader.

Make the right decision for the company, even if it makes a few people unhappy. For more management tips, read “4 Things Every Manager Should Do.”

2. Help others succeed. Scott loves to put others down — mostly to get a laugh — and he tries to prevent his staff from being promoted because of his own insecurities. If your employees are doing well, this shows you that you are being a good leader and teaching them well. So, instead of feeling threatened, see it as a compliment.

Jim Graph3. Put in the work. In one episode, co-worker Jim Halpert drew a graph to show how Scott spent his time — saying he inflated the “critical thinking” percentage so people could actually see it on the graph.

As the business owner, you should put more time in than anyone else because you have the most to lose and gain. Plus, you need to lead by example, so be the type of worker you would want on your team.

Note: Obviously, I left out a big chunk of Scott’s personality — inappropriateness. But, I would hope landscapers know to resist the urge to say, “That’s what she said,” to employees or clients.

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