Looking for Work-Life Balance? Ditch the Tips Articles

Shutterstock 131588135I read a post online just the other day questioning if work-life balance is even possible. Then, I saw an article promoting steps to achieve work-life balance. This weekend, I saw a post discussing how much better other countries have become at promoting work-life balance than we are here in the United States.

So, which is it? With so much conflicting information out there, how is someone searching for the right answer supposed to find the right information? 

I’ve decided it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

While some people seem to be able to find the perfect balance between work and downtime, others never find the magic formula. Some, especially busy  landscapers immersed in their business, don’t even seem to particularly want to.

However, the negative effects of becoming a workaholic are well documented – from simple stress to serious health issues, not to mention problems and conflict with family members.

The cold, hard fact about the matter is realizing you can’t necessarily have it all, and deciding what you want. Considering we live in a culture where most people want everything, that’s a tough process. Deciding on what we want most and striving to achieve those things, rather than deciding we want everything and achieving nothing, is the real “work-life balance.” 

So, it may be time to start ignoring the tips articles that instruct you to turn off your phone at 5 pm, schedule weekly date nights with your spouse, and so on. You’re only going to do these things if you really, truly want to, and if you feel that nothing else is pressing on you.

Instead, work on some honest prioritization. Know what you have to have to be happy, what you need to have to be successful and realize those aren’t mutually exclusive of one another. So, you can’t make it work right away? Keep trying. You’ll eventually be able to achieve a balance that works for you.

Editor’s Note: Amy Materson is the Managing Editor for sister site Equipment World.

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