Leaving the Nest

These three young bluebirds aren’t quite sure what to think of my backyard.These three young bluebirds aren’t quite sure what to think of my backyard.

As I worked from my sunroom yesterday, I got to see a scene from nature we can all relate to. Three baby bluebirds were leaving their nest for the first time.

You could tell they weren’t too happy about it at first, as they all just sat on their birdhouse, waiting for their parents to return. The father bird would come by every so often, almost nudging them to fly away. And one by one, they would timidly leave the security of their home. Although they kept coming back, each time they left, they would go a little further.

It’s a lot like starting a business. You leave the security of a full-time job, school or some other safety net to go out on your own. And if you fall, there might not be any one to help pick you up.

But, that’s how you learn. You push forward, mistakes and all.

These birds could have flight lessons all day, but until they actually tried, they wouldn’t really know what to do.

So, don’t be afraid of failing or to try new things — just spread your wings and go.

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