Backyard Turns into National Geographic

A box turtle laying eggs in my backyard.A box turtle laying eggs in my backyard.

If you follow me on Twitter (@TLCeditor and @lhdowdle), you might have seen me post a photo of the turtle my dog cornered in my backyard a month or so ago. (She’s a 4-pound dog that’s crazy about other animals.)

About a week ago, my dog started barking at another turtle that was in my backyard. When I went to make sure it wasn’t hurt, I saw she was laying eggs right next to my fence.

That would be cool enough, but there’s also a bunny that now calls one of my flower beds home. He’s a little bit more fun for my dogs to chase, although the turtle is supposed to win the race, right?

And to top all of that off, I had three bluebirds hatch in my birdhouse this spring, too. Plus, there’s the normal crowd of squirrels, cardinals and chipmunks to watch for.

I’m not sure what it is, but my backyard is becoming a nature conservation of sorts.

Have you ever had to deal with animals when working on a project?

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