Lawn Mower Balancing Act Sets New Record

Updated Sep 10, 2014
Credit: The Washington PostCredit: The Washington Post

It’s not news that someone is using a lawn mower to accomplish great feats. However, it is news when the individual is balancing that lawn mower on his chin.

Frank Kasell set a world record at a local high school track by walking 114.8 meters with a 17-pound push mower balanced on his chin.

As far as a world record, officials from “The Guinness Book of World Records” will take 12 weeks to review the video and two witness testimonies from the attempt to validate the new record.

According to The Washington Post, Kasell has always been infatuated with setting records and being the best in a category.

“Whether Guinness accepts it or not, I think everybody has these little goals for themselves,” Kasell told the Post. “It’s so easy for them to remain in the realm of things you’d like to do, but you can do anything. Most of the time you just don’t get around to doing them.”

Many times, landscapers are born into the profession of landscaping.

Whether it’s being part of a family business or just being involved with the industry at a young age, the passion for landscaping can start at an early age – even back to that first toy mower you had when you were 3.

However, those toy mowers have transformed into real zero-turn or push mowers for many landscapers.

You set goals, made long-term plans and pushed yourself to be in the landscaping industry. So congratulations, you may not have set a new record, but you pushed yourself to accomplishing one goal after another until you got where you are today.

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