Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

Set yourself apart from bad landscapers in your community.Set yourself apart from bad landscapers in your community.

Pulling from the popular Magic!’s lyrics, I direct this headline to every “landscaper” who takes advantage of customers: You give the industry a bad name (sorry, couldn’t resist one last lyric reference).

I was looking through my Google Alerts today about landscape industry news, and several of the top stories were about how landscapers cheated their customers.

KRQE News 13 shared how one man offered tree services but ended up just taking people’s money in this story. He would ask for money upfront to rent ladders, electric lifts, etc. and then never do the work. He took more than $4,000 from one client.

These are the type of people homeowners come across and read about. So, you have the added burden of proving you’re running a legitimate, trustworthy company.

The best way to do that is by building a strong reputation in the community and asking for referrals. It’s much easier for a potential client to trust you if they hear from a friend that you’ve done good work. You can also ask for past clients to write you letters of recommendation.

It’s also imperative you have all of the proper licenses and certifications. Those are tangible things you can present to homeowners to help ease any of their uncertainties.

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Tired of dealing with bad contractors and the problems they cause you with getting jobs? Check out Adam Carolla’s show, “Catch A Contractor,” on Spike. The show tracks down bad contractors and makes them come back and do the job correctly. Not only do you see these contractors get what they deserve, but you also get to enjoy Carolla’s humor.

Share your stories: Have you seen other “pros” cheat clients in your area?

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