Are you a winner?

Tlc Ed Picks Giveaway Web AdToday is the last day to enter to win one of seven poly scoop shovels from A.M. Leonard as part of the Editor’s Picks Giveaway.

These shovels have a non-stick surface and are designed to tackle snow removal or scooping mulch or gravel.

The one-piece molded poly construction won’t rust, rot or break, and the blade won’t scratch surfaces.

Weighing 4 pounds with a D-grip handle, the AP140 is 3 1/2-feet long with a 14-by-17-inch blade.

These shovels will go to seven lucky winners who enter their name into the contest.

You better hurry and enter, because today is the last day to win!

This contest has ended. Stay tuned to see what we will give away next.


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