5 gifts to get your employees this season

Updated Dec 21, 2021

Every year landscapers should recognize their crew members and foremen around the holidays to thank them for their hard work throughout the year.

Whether it is a simple gift card or an employee luncheon, a landscaper can do a lot to show a little holiday spirit and appreciation.

Here are five suggestions:


Company phone
This may be something you can’t give to all of your employees, but it might be something you can give to your foremen. Yes, it is work related. However, getting a company phone shows that you have full trust in your foremen and appreciate the work they do. There are many phones out there, including the Cat S31. The phone will run you about $329, so again, it may be a gift only for your foremen this year.


Sheridan Insulated Cascade Brown 3qWork boots
Work boots can be a crew member’s best friend. A good pair of working boots will get your employees through the day. Many landscaping companies provide boots, so surprising them with a new pair or something like this Sheridan boot from Keen Utility could make a great gift. The Sheridan boot features a thermal heat shield footbed together with 600 g Keen.Warm insulation and weatherproof membrane. This pair will cost you $160.


Safety glasses and water bottle
Safety should always come first, even around the holidays. Give the gift of safety this season by giving your crews a pair of safety glasses and a customizable water bottle. A pair of Elvex Sonoma safety glasses from Forestry Suppliers will run you $6.75 each and each pair features coated polycarbonate lenses, as well as temples with rubber inserts. In addition, give each crew member a Nalgene water bottle with the company’s logo on it. Keeping employees hydrated and safe is a win-win for everyone.


Visa CardVisa gift card
Don’t know what to get your employees this season? Why not give them the gift of whatever they want? A Visa gift card can be a nice general gesture that’s friendly to your budget this season. If you can’t find that perfect gift for employees, give them the means to get it themselves.


Clock Clip Art Dcrakazc9Time
There might be nothing more precious to employees than time off. Having extra time off is giving the gift of family, friends, and time. A day off can help employees’ mental states and get them in the right mindset moving into the next year.






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