Green Spear’s Moss Melt Herbicide receives EPA registration

Moss Melt LogoGreen Spear’s Moss Melt Concentrate, Moss and Algae Herbicide recently received Environmental Protection Agency registration for use on roofs, lawns, turf, and outdoor surfaces and structures.

The active ingredient in Moss Melt Concentrate is an emulsified d-Limonene, which acts as a natural degreaser.

The herbicide strips away the waxy surface of moss and algae for a desiccation without the need for direct sunlight or warm temperatures. The herbicide is also rain fast within one hour.

Additionally, the herbicide features a non-staining formula that will not stain concrete, brick, pavement, stucco or wood, and will not damage gutters, metal flashing or downspouts.

Moss Melt is a highly concentrated low dose material. Standard labeled use rate is a 2 percent spray solution (2.56 ounces/gallon of water) and a spray volume of 3.8 gallons per 1000 square feet of surface area. One gallon of Moss Melt kills up to 12,500 square feet.

The product has been field-tested in both university and independent studies. When used, the 2 percent spray solution Moss Melt showed little to no phytotoxicity on bentgrass or ryegrass in university testing.

Moss Melt Concentrate is EPA registered and meets the criteria of the NOP Rule (for Use in Organic Gardening & Organic Production by the USDA National Organics Program). Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing is pending review.

Moss Melt will be available in the Pacific Northwest starting Jan. 1. 

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