Landscaper leaves industry with a bang and a dump truck

Photo: Smithtown PatchPhoto: Smithtown Patch

If your business has hit a slow point, or if you’re a day away from closing up shop, there are many paths to take as a business owner.

However, one New York landscaper decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to Smithtown Patch, the landscaper stole a dump truck from a cemetery, ran it through a local mall Macy’s and fled with an ATM.

According to the landscaper, he was facing hard times caused by an influx of immigrant labor, the article states.

The landscaper and an accomplice wrapped a chain around the ATM and loaded it onto the truck.

After a 9-1-1 caller followed the dump truck, the landscaper and accomplice fled on foot later to be found by K-9 units.

The landscaper is facing 11 felony counts, including charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Business may be slow and there are many challenges out there in the landscaping industry, but there is no excuse for this. If times are tough, start thinking logically or reach out for help.

There is a reason organizations like PLANET or the Irrigation Association are trying to create a network of landscapers. Landscapers from across the country can learn from one another and help each other through struggling times.

This New York landscaper could have used some friendly advice on how to back out of the business gracefully instead of in a dump truck.

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