3 reasons online education is a perfect fit for landscapers

landscaping continuing educationYou’re probably familiar with the Irrigation Association’s courses and webinars for certification. That is a great opportunity to gain more insight on irrigation for your landscaping business.

Gaining knowledge is a big motivator, right? Knowledge increases your expertise, and customers want experts. You should definitely look into open online courses that could benefit you, your employees and your business.

The University of California system recently launched OpenChem, which includes 16 free chemistry classes. If you’ve ever wanted to know the basic science behind the herbicides and pesticides you use every day, this is an incredible opportunity.

The online education experience rocks for several reasons:

1) Timing: I know you’re running on full speed all day, every day, so classes can be worked into your schedule. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, it’ll be worth the time and mental investment.

2) Price: Most of these classes are free and many are at college level. This is huge. You aren’t sacrificing quality education for price. The online delivery of these courses keeps costs down.

3) Variety: Digging around in Coursera, one of the most popular sites for massively open online courses (MOOCs) I found a really awesome course on business operations and financing. Edx is another major MOOCs site, and an interesting class on biobased product technology popped up. There are tons of topics and many courses are offered in different languages.

Searching these sites may be a bit overwhelming at first. If you discover more than two courses that interest you, spread them throughout your 2015 schedule. Just get started. You’ll love it.


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